Norway Halle Rucker


The main religion in Norway is Lutheran-Protestant Christianity. It is a Nation wide religion. The churches look like this because of the Vikings. Around 80% of people in Norway are of that religion.

Seafood is the main food that people from Norway like to eat. They even eat smoked salmon for breakfast.

Some of the most common sports in Norway are wrestling, skiing, and cycling. It's most successful sports are cross-country skiing, ski jumping, curling, speed skating, and hockey.

The traditional dace is a folk dance. Usually men do it at weddings. Very quick dance. Half of it is athletic competition between dancers.

I found that traditionally a married women wears what is called a bunad. Also women wear a folk dress.

In Norway their housing is not any different then ours here.

Lur older trumpet. Bukkehorn goat horn.

The main language is Noregian,


Norway's government is formed of a Monarchy. Which is where the country in ruled by a royal family. This is the royal family of Norway.


In 1905 Norway claimed their independence from Sweden. 1960's oil and gas was found near Norway boosting their economy. Voted against joining the European union in 1972.

Trygve Halvdan Lie was the First Secretary General of the U.N.

This is Edvard Munch. He painted a very famous painting call The Scream.

The Scream

Ronald Engelbregt is the first man to reach the South Pole.

An economist. Co-recipient of the first noble prize in Economic Sciences in 1969

Alexander Tettey is a football player (soccer in the US) he plays for English club and the Norwegian national team.


This is the Lofoten in Norway. It's known for it's views and it's mountaintop peaks.

This is the Oscarsborg Fortress it is a natural defence that Norway has.

This is the Scandinavian Mountains it is a very big mountain range in Norway.

Sognefjord is the second longest range in the world. But the longest and best known fjord in Norway.

This is where Norway is found on the map. Right next to Sweden and Finland

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