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Born in Dallas Texas, and hailing from Austin Texas, Ramone Stewart aka Lil Sicc takes on the west coast through his Music, Hustler mentality, and Great vibes. A Dreamer in Action, An Artist, Musician, and CEO of his movement "ClubSicc’s". Lil Sicc is Living up to all his dream aspirations, in entering the industry scenes he drops redundantly great music, and mobs with a clan of Musicians, Businesses, and a full entertainment Production team.

As a young boy, outta the early 90’s, Sicc was raised in the country where all he had was a Boom Box. In discovering BMG music magazine mail delivery of Music CD’s to his door, he started up a long collection of Music CD’s thanks to all his neighbors who sponsored his collection in purchasing an account. By the age of 12 he had over 200 cd’s, whole series album collections from some of his favorite bands ie: Slipknot, Deftones, Garth Brooks, Clint Black, System of the down, Metallica, and more. This was the beginning of Lil Siccs passion for music. By 8th grade, Sicc was hosting “American Pie” style parties, looking as if it was a movie scene. By High school Sicc was rocking out with his own band and its members, as a guitarist and vocalist. Presently Lil Sicc’s movement and music is that of no other, with his grand spirit, energetic real life hustla, sounds of a Sicc Movement eclectic mix of hip hop, rock, trap, straight club bangers!

This is not a clout chasing brand, it’s a brand worked from the ground up to get to where you see it. - Lil Sicc

A non believer of competition, Lil Sicc is creating his own lane with his persistent hustle mentality and positive energy that he attracts good karma. It doesnt matter age, color, or race, Sicc’s music hits people of all ages. Back home in Texas, Sicc was a Leader of his clan, and his community as he also held Stop the violence campaigns and now plans to do the same in Cali and beyond.


CEO Lil Sicc is currently developing a full service production company active from Hollywood and beyond called The Artist Experience.  The Artist Experience is Catered as a small concierge service, to take our clients career’s to the next level. We assist in branding & breaking artist with our full service team. Sicc Productions is a array of production services from Music, Music Video, Film, Events, PR, Branding, Marketing and everything it takes behind a successful Brand aka Talent from ground to the the public. Our Target market is local, regional, and international Talents, Artist, Actors, Models, Promoters, Club owners, Concierge members, as well as New businesses.

Watch our very own "Lil Sicc" movement now trending everywhere!

Our Development team objectives are to break artist in multiple genres to mainstream. Our objective goal is to break two artist a year and to evolve within 5 years into a full record label with our own full service production company which will include: Artist development, Distribution, Finance, Public Relations, Marketing, Management, Publishing, and more.


The full length motion picture “Don’t Stop” is currently in production with long time friend, Michael Sterling films of Houston Texas.

It's about to be a movie! - Don't Stop

Lil Sicc teams up with Michael Sterling a Movie Director, Producer, Actor, and Writer to film his full length motion picture Don’t Stop. Michael Sterling is the founder and CEO of Michael Sterling Films based out of Los Angeles, originally from Houston Texas. He’s been featured in Forbes, Houston Trend Magazine, Houston’s Voice, Rolling Out Magazine and is the proud recipient of the “Houston’s Hottest Video Director” award. Hurricane Harvey Storms Onto Big Screen As Inspirational Movie (Starring Survivors)

Don't follow the pack, lead it!

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