North Carolina, Founded 1712 Kyle smith

Nathaniel Batts is one of the most needed in the colony of North Carolina, because he is the first permanet European settler in this colony. He himself was also the first permanent leader of the colony. His governing land was received from King Kiscutanewh September twenty-fourth, sixteen-sixty. His genuine estate was finished before the land was given in either sixteen-fifty four, or sixteen-fifty five. He him self is one of the reasons the state is today. He explored southward to discover the land he would soon govern.

In the North Carolina colony there was no predominant religion. The three main religious groups were the French Huguenots, the Anglicans, and the dissenters called the non-comfortests. Until the late seventeen-hundreds, in the time of the late seventeen-hundreds the Protestant religion had a monopoly over North Carolina. Any denomination of Protestant was given full and equal rights of religion. at this time anyone wanting to be in the senate had to be practicing Protestant. But this religion had benefits to it such as getting to make choices as they saw fit that fit in Christianity.

The geography of the North Carolina colony was divided in to three parts. The coastal area, the Piedmont region and the mountainous areas.In these areas, islands, foothills, swamps, among other things could be found. The climate of this colony is oceanic in the east bordering other colonies and is humid sub-tropical the rest of the colony.

In the North Carolina colony a big part of the econmy was exports, such as rice, the indigo dye plant, tobacco, cotton, lumber, and fur. Another large part was the slave trade colonist would bye African slaves to work on plantations. One of the biggest reasons the colony succeeded was because of a deep water port near Wilmington. In the family the husband/father was the head of the household, and controlled the land servants and other members of the family. They were also responsible for teaching their children. Sons had to find work young and attempt to get land start a business or find another way to make money. Daughters were mostly taught by their mothers and given money from the father until they married.


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