Trends of Art and Style History of design

Art has been around for a really long time. You can see it everywhere, like an advertisement to a book. Thanks to technology, we can create such things on computers.

Now, we have an entire industry over this, with help from something that has been around forever, called graphic design. We can see it everywhere, even in history!

Graphic design dates all the way back to the egyptians, with the use of hieroglyphics, which is lots of drawings that made up sentences and many historical writings.

And it doesn't even stay in Egypt. Graphic design also has roots in Greece and Rome. It is also found in China.

Times in the Middle Ages and Rennisance were also a good time for art and graphic design. The printing press was a big invention because writing and producing books on pieces of parchment, like the book below.

Typography is another way for saying a fancy way of lettering your words. This made creating posters in the middle ages a bit easier and more prettier.

After many, many years, art has now expanded to new heights, like how we can now create pieces of work with a computer.

Many today know art as a comic, painting, or even an advertisement. It from many years ago has taken many shapes and forms.

“Cartoons and comic strips are among the oldest forms of expression, predated only by verbal storytelling. From the first daubings on cave walls, visual storytelling has progressed through the age to the digital medium, where it has found a new home”(Hartas, 7).

Thanks to today, there is also a job industry for graphic design! Not many people know this, but they do A LOT.

Most graphic designers specialize in a part of the industry, but they can do most of anything.

For a normal job they:

  1. Determine the job.
  2. Use software to create images. They can also use this to create messages.
  3. Present the concepts and ideas.
  4. Review their work.

Fun Fact: Most graphic designers are self-employeed. They normally have to have flexible work hours to meet up with clients or to compete with others.

Mostly everyone can become a graphic designer. People can have a Bachelor's degree in graphic design or a related feild. But they can also have a degree in something else.

For more information about graphic designers, click here.

Graphic design has been found everywhere, in history and all over the world. It is just another way to share ideas and show great things to others. Soon, it will expand even more to new heights.


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