My experience at Good Life Perfomance By Sirapoom peanusaha

Spatial Experience

There are so many people standing in the line before I entered the theatre. Luckily, I was in the front and got in without having to wait for so long. The temperature inside is cold, but mild cold. I like the mirror decoration on the stage so much that I even sketched in roughly in my phone. I got to sit on the front-right row which is exactly next to the stage. I luckily got to sit on the two chairs row without having to scramble with other people like in the middle row. I felt comfortable. The role of place in Good Life is simple: If you are in the good place, you feel good and ready to do whatever you are intended to do, which in my case is to watch the performance.

The mirror decoration sketch--It was really pretty

The Social Experience

I attended the performance alone. The person who sat next to me was a woman that I do not know. Of course, I did not talk to her. There were two women in front of me that kept gossiping about random people in the hall. I did not feel uncomfortable or anything. It was just funny to listen to those conversation.

I go everywhere alone since I was young and I do not have a lot of close friend. Although, I do understand what does it mean to share an experience with someone. This is what I called connections. It is when you talk to someone and you feel like you can relate your experience to what they are talking about. Shared experience sometimes help to create friendship and develop it even further more.

People at the theatre

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I feel like the themes that caught my eyes in the performance was about poverty and struggle in life: The poor that strive so hard to get out of the poverty, broken family, lack of opportunity. I had seen both of this in my life, although not directly. I saw student fellow dropped out of high school to try to make money and ended up in failure. I saw a lot of people with mental issue like the man in the play whose his family want him to become a priest. I feel like we still have similar problems in our society today and it is frustrating that we still could not solve it.

Before the play

The Emotional Experience

My first impression was that watching the play gave me a lot more emotional connection. It is so different from watching movie. The play explored the themes of social problems which we could relate to some of them. The play gave us a chance to rethink about what we had either seen or experienced it in our lives. For me, I think about the time when I saw my friends dropped out of school or making a bad decision. I feel like there should be something that I could do to help them. Of course, I can never help everyone. Suffering is a part of this world, but it is sad to see it happen without being able to change anything.

After the play


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