Nam Sang wai Hong Kong, Yuen Long

This day, the 22 of January, 2017, a group of 9 people went to this wonderful place, and all of these photos are original, unedited, and taken by the author of this page himself. Copyright applied. Do not attempt to reproduce any of these images.

All of these photos are taken by the camera: Canon PowerShot G16

In order to see all the images, just scroll down until you cannot go down anymore and that means that you have seen all of these amazing photos. And I apologize the images will take a bit of time to load to full HD

A hut in the middle (more of the side) of a fishpond, and I guess no one lives in the house.

This is a photo of a wetland with a lot of white birds (aka "Black-faced spoonbill") bu they are quite small in the picture.

It was a time I was cycling and accidentally (cough) crashed into the bushes and found this cute little bug (maybe not to someone) and I decided to take a picture of it. It took me a bit of time to get my bike out of the bushes with no help. (the other people all went eating noodles in a little hut they found that sells food around the place, and no one noticed I crept away...)


Not necessarily an oasis, but at least puddle of water in the middle of dry land. Surprisingly there was water grass in the puddle of water. This black shirt guy on the side went crashing into the puddle of water and was definitely unhappy.

JUst some boring GRASS

But at least it looks better than normal grass...

The Log and the bumpy path

Cycling through this path, you will experience the rapid buttock piercing bumps of tree roots laying over the path and back wheel skidding about as fallen leaves slip you around. Warning: Do NOT ride a bike without any suspension as you will experience the worst cramp on your back and bottom and your bike will flip, your bike chain might come off the gears as well. What happened to me was that my bike started sloshing around like an ice skating giraffe and I fell off the bike.

Just some boring plants

and more plants...

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