The ABC's of Africa Nitha Sung

Africa is the 2nd largest continent on Earth. It was once part of the largest super continent called Pangaea.

Mount Bisoke is an active volcano in the Virunga Mountains. Eruptions decrease the amount of people living in the mountains.

Cuanza River is a river in Angola. This river gives people water access and fish.

Dinka Tribe is the largest ethnic tribe in South Sudan. They grew millet and other varieties of grains.

Ebola disease is a virus that causes severe bleeding and organ failures that can lead to death. This virus killed 11,325 people.

French people are descendants of Romans that are now living in France. The French colonized Africa in 1624.

Ghana Empire was the first of the trading empires of western Africa. They began using camels to carry goods across the Sahara desert.

High Atlas is a mountain range in central Morocco in Northern Africa. It is now a North African premier trekking destination.

Islam is the religion of the Muslims. Almoravids ended the rule of Ghanas and converted many to Islam.

Jade Stone is a green stone used for jewelry.

Kleinrivier mountains are a mountain range in South Africa. It is now used for a mountain lodge.

Lebombo mountains are a narrow range of mountains in Southern Africa. They are the world's oldest mine, Lion cavern.

Mossi Kingdoms were a number of different powerful kingdoms in modern-day Burkina Faso. They exported cotton cloth and imported salt and luxury goods.

Nile Valley is a major north-flowing river in north eastern Africa. This river provided ideal conditions for the development of Egypt such as rich silt and wheat.

Orange river is the longest river in South Africa. This river provides water for irrigation and hydroelectric power.

Pyramids are an ancient pyramid-shaped masonry structures in Egypt, They were hidden chambers made for pharaohs.

Quran is the religious text of Islam. They were compiled into a book format by Uthman.

Rain forest are forests characterized by high rainfall. This covers 2.2 million square miles of Africa.

Songhai Empire is a state that dominated the western Sahel in the 15-16th century. They had slaves that were used to transport goods across Africa.

Tropical diseases are widespread in tropical regions. Tropical diseases has killed 123,800 people.

Ubangi River is the largest right-bank tied with the Congo river in Central Africa. This river has provided a livelihood in fishing and has helped the agriculture.

Victoria Falls is a waterfall in southern Africa at the border of Zambia. This is one of the seven wonders of the world.

Wli Fall is the highest waterfall in Ghana and West Africa. It is now called the Water Fall Lodge in Wli.

Xhosa Tribe is a Bantu ethnic group of southern Africa. They made cattle important and the basis of wealth.

Yaka Tribe is an African ethnic group found in southwestern Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are known for wearing masks, making arts, and craft.

Zulu Tribe is the largest ethnic group in South Africa. They were powerful because they defeated other tribes in their area.

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