Milli Misa Creative director + Visual Artist

From makeup, to art, to anything she can get her hands on, MilliMisa knows concepts + colors. Born and raised in Florida, she has always been fascinated by the surrounding colors Florida has known to become. Starting since youth, Milli has accepted that she was different from others, and uses art as an outlet to express her thoughts, and feelings. Her work is a reflection of emotions through the interpretation of colors, and shapes.



Photos by: MilliMisa

-Yarn Work-

-Acrylic work-


-Watercolour + Ink-



Betty dawl presents "Pink cinq"

Featured Installation Artist

Feb. 18th, 2016

Tampa, Florida

He(art) presents “Love and Lust”

Featured Artist/Installation Artist

February 27th, 2016

Tampa, Florida

Photos: @Mordecainuccio Model: @dreamsforfree

betty dawl presents "green cinq"

Featured Installation Artist

April 28th, 2016

Tampa, Florida

“Finessing The People IV”

Main Installation Artist

Art Basel Event

December 2nd, 2016

Miami, Florida

He(art) Presents “Fools Gold”

Main Installation Artist

April 1st, 2017

Tampa, Florida

He(art) Presents “Kid at He(art)"

Featured Installation Artist

August 19th, 2017

Tampa, Florida

6th Annual "Mieux magazine Awards"

Featured Installation Artist

March 31st, 2018

Femme Feature presents " A Tampa collective zine and art fest"

featured installation artist in collaboration with Emiliano Settecasi

June 9th, 2018

Femme Feature Presents “Pop Up P(art)y

Featured Installation Artist in collaboration with Emily Tan

August 11th 2018

Pabst Blue Ribbon presents “Open Tab” Art Show

Featured installation artist

SALES Florida Tour with Trapfone

Stage director/ set design

October 4th-8th

Renee King presents “A Dreamy Showcase”

Featured Installation Artist

Beats n Chill Presents “Missy Elliot Night”

Main Installation Artist

Cyber Lab

Orlando // featured Installation Artist

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milli misa

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