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The Outfitters Channel (TOC) is changing the way Outfitters and Guides connect with potential customers. Marketing strategies for all business types have rapidly changed due to social media marketing and the digital era. Gone are the days of organic social media posts reaching thousands, and affordable printed media advertising. Outfitters and Guides have limited time to spend finding new ways to grow their business. This is why we built The Outfitters Channel!

In marketing, video content is King. TOC gives Outfitters and Guides the ability to connect with their potential customers through video marketing. Potential customers connect on many different levels by watching videos of products or services they may be interested in. Videos can be used to showcase the quality of service, this gives the buyer an idea of the experience that they will have as if they were actually there. Videos can also highlight information on how to buy services, what services are available and more. Potential customers also connect on a personal level with the businesses and the video. To put it in simple terms, if an Outfitter or Guide creates a video showcasing their services, they highlight the actual experience for the customer, potential customers see other customers enjoying your service and it provides helpful information that the customer needs to know if using your company. Outfitters and Guides can also connect with potential customers through blog post that will be hosted under the Outfitter’s or Guide’s dedicated page on TOC website.



The Outfitters Channel is a new platform on GEN7 Outdoors TV Network. GEN7 is one of the leading streaming media channels in the US for outdoor related programming and is viewed in over 50 countries. GEN7 has thousands of daily viewers and millions of On-Demand plays per year! GEN7 is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon App Store, Google Play and the Outdoorsmen Social Network Apps for Android and Apple!

GEN7 Platforms

On ROKU 38.9 Million U.S. Users

ON AMAZON FIRE TV 35.8 Million U.S. Users

Google Chromecast 36.9 Million U.S. Users

Android TV

Google Play

Amazon App Store

Outdoorsmen Social Network Apps For Apple and Android



Benefits of being a members of The Outfitters Channel

Members will have their very own profile under the TOC on GEN7 in addition their own dedicated page on the TOC website. Their profile on GEN7 will host all of their video content On-Demand. On the dedicated page for TOC website, member videos will be hosted On-Demand and there will also be a place for blogs, press releases and related stories.

Members will be able to upload up to 48 videos per year. These videos can inform potential customers about services available, example of what the potential customer should expect if they buy services, what is done to provide potential customers the best experience possible, highlights of other customer enjoying the service provided, and any unique content that will help potential customers make a buying decision. Each video can be up to 30 minutes long.

Members will be able to add up to 10 blogs per month to their online profile. These blogs can cover a wide range of topics just like the videos. This is just another way to connect on a personal level with potential customers.

All of the videos and blogs can be easily shared across all social media platforms. The videos will play on any device.

GEN7 and TOC is always free to watch on all devices with no membership of any kind required.

GEN7 is constantly updating and improving their platforms to provide the best experience for their viewers and clients.

TOC is a one-of-a-kind platform that will help you build and grow your business and brand on many different levels.

HELPING OUTFITTERS and guides connect with outdoors men and women across the nation

The Outfitters Channel is a true game changer in the industry and should be a key part of every Outfitter and Guides marketing strategy. The possibilities are truly endless when using The Outfitters Channel Platform!

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