longing for sweet sights in bitter times Our advertisement during covid-19

For a club, nothing is more sad then being empty

A friend of mine owns the Bitterzoet. A well known club in Amsterdam. I wanted to help him and offered him my skills. Never thought he would say: 'Yes, if you can think of something, please let me know.'

So i came with this concept. 'Bitterzoet' means in english: 'Bittersweet'. And that's where the pain sits. The club shouldn't be empty, it longs to be full of people. That's sweet. And that is hopefully in the future again a normal sight to see.

So to let the (party)people of Amsterdam know that we miss them, we made these posters which were all across Amsterdam. To let them know we miss them and hopefully they miss us too ;-)

We also made social media posts consisting of photos and animation for stories and normal posts. So that the message could be seen everywhere. Unfortunately there is still no end in sight, but as soon as Bitterzoet can open again, the party will continue!

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Empty Bitterzoet photo credits Joram Blomkwist