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Hi, my name is Jeremiah.

I make videos, and I make a lot of them that same day. I come from the world of creating same-day edit wedding films, and I have applied this skill to the political and business worlds. I am a one-person crew, which makes me nimble, fast, and efficient. You don't need to hire a full production crew and wait days or even weeks for them to create the video you're imagining. I can get your message across with quality and speed. In most cases, I can deliver the final video within hours. You're able to get high-quality, same-day content for a fraction of the cost. You have a compelling story to tell. I'd love to help you tell it. Quickly.


This was a highlight video of the last few days of the McMullin campaign. After the election results came in that night, I edited this piece and the campaign was able to share it to their supporters first thing the morning after the election.

- Evan McMullin, Executive Director for Stand Up Republic, and Former Independent Presidential Candidate

This campaign kick-off video for Neal Simon’s US Senate race was created in one day with a one-person crew. It was edited and shared within 48 hours of filming.

- Neal Simon, CEO, Bronfman Rothschild & Former Candidate for U.S. Senate

A prime example of same-day edited content; Evan McMullin met with supporters at a local diner. This video was edited and ready for the campaign to share within a couple hours.

- Rick Wilson, Media Strategist, Producer and Author

The Unite America rollout took place just over the course of 24 hours and included stops in D.C., New York City, and Los Angeles. Much of this video was edited on the cross-country flight, and the rest of it was filmed, edited, and ready to share by the next day.

Filmed in one day with a one person crew, this piece is introducing Colton Underwood’s (NFL player and star of ABC’s The Bachelor) non-profit.

Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night to Shine is maybe my favorite video I get to create every year. This was filmed, edited, and uploaded all in the same night.

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