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Having an effective social media presence is critical for any business. Its proper implementation is one of the best tools that companies can use nowadays to attract customers of their targeted audience and at the same time, to keep their users engaged to the brand's upcoming products, promotions and campaigns. Social media presence ensures customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer engagement. Understanding the importance of having a good social media strategy is crucial, as social media has become the largest platform for marketing purposes today.

Target Market

Social media strategies helpĀ  Hexo + target their segment of interest in the most efficient and effective way. Hexo + has within a large market one main segment: young, active, sports enthusiasts who like capturing themselves while performing the sport of their choice. Furthermore, the usage of Hexo + also responds to the interests and satisfies the demands of other segments: travelers, bloggers and filming companies such as documentary productors that pursue to film with the use of their HD cameras, dynamic scenes with the guaranteed safety that Hero + provides. Therefore, Hexo + has to adapt its social media strategy depending on their users preferences for each specifically segment.


Video Sharing

An effective methodology in order to have a strong presence and an active customer engagement is possible by providing a platform where users can share their experiences with other users and Hexo +. This tool will increase the social media presence as well as customer retention since users will develop a feeling of being part of a community. Apart from this, potential users might get attracted from the videos and experiences shared.

The platform incentivizes customers to constantly create content and publish content which makes gives them a longer customer lifetime value. With this tool, they ensure a higher traffic on their website which reduces the amount of advertisement Hexo + has to use.


Another effective social media tool is live streaming as it delivers real-time content which can be highly attractive for users. Live streaming increases the value of the content since people feel more attracted and emotionally linked to the activities. Providing the possibility for the users to share live videos, makes the company and the brand more real, relatable and more accessible. The more streams are being created by users on the platform, the higher is the chance of converting potential users into actual customers, since a live stream is more effective than classic advertisements. Another crucial factor of using streaming for the companies is that it increases the brand exposure. People get to know the products and the brand in detail. This will ideally create a better reputation and understanding of their prouducts.

Streaming sports example


Businesses can improve brand awareness by using hashtags in their advantage to expand their social influence. Hashtags allow companies to increase their visibility as they provide a spiderweb of words that allude to the product and drag customers to the company. As the company uses the hashtags, automatically, a family of relatable words become potential doors for users to get to know Hexo +. Joining trendy discussions on topics related to their content is another effective tool for reaching new customers that might be browsing about related products or any content within their market. For example, as Hexo + uses words such as travel, speed, sun, sports and fun; consequently, any search in the internet that is related to this words can eventually lead to the product. All of this friendly user behaviors that will make the product familiar to users, finally increases the chances of them wanting to join the customer`s community. Finally, tposting with the use of hashtags on social media can enable users to learn more about the product and is a great way for the business to encourage the interaction with their fans.


Forums are a great social media service that companies can use as a tool to allow discussion in a controlled an open environment for users. The forum gives customers the chance to share their ideas about the product among each other. When used wisely, forums are also a great opportunity for companies to get feedback from users and therefore, to develop the product in a way it appeals more customers or to keep current customers engaged. Forums also allow shared knowledge from customers to customers, which is very favorable for the company because it speeds up feedback timings and reduce, in some way, customer service specialization efforts. Forums also reduce meetings and emails addressed directly to each customer, because they now can be placed in the forum. Finally, this tool helps to builds a stronger brand as it builds up a stronger customer relationship.

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