International volunteer Craiova Youth Capital ESC Craiova, Romania - Mobility: 02.07 - 29.08.2019 (all expenses covered)



Dominou Association, Romania

Associazione Antigóna, Italy








Bokra Sawa, France

Mladejki centar za razvitie- Vzaimopomosht, Bulgaria

The ESC volunteer project "International Volunteer for Craiova Youth Capital", initiated by Dominou Association, Craiova, aims to increase the involvement of local and international youth in cultural, sports and educational activities and contribute to the success of the national competition Craiova Youth Capital 2021. A number of 20 young volunteers (18-30 years old) from Spain, France, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Estonia, Croatia, Netherlands, Bulgaria together with local volunteers from Craiova during two months( 02.07.2019 to 29.08.2019) develop non-formal activities in the local community.
Who are we?

The Dominou Association from Romania, Craiova ( non-governmental and not for profit) has been founded in 2004 and has 6 board members and 147 active members (teachers, trainers, volunteers, pedagogical advisers, young students). Our goals include supporting formal, non-formal and informal education of children, youth and adult people in order to acquire the necessary skills and personal development skills for future employment and active citizenship, including promoting of human rights, cultural diversity, equal opportunities and non-discrimination. It organizes accredited courses (by the National Council of Adult Development Training) in 32 fields.

Our activities involves promoting volunteering as a personal and professional development activity, sports and recreation games, youth exchanges, debates about non-discrimination, seminars, diversity promotion, workshops, exhibitions, etc. on topics of general and European Community interest, establishing and maintaining ties of friendship and mobilization between youth for knowledge purposes and encouragement for their initiatives; activities in support of cultural diversity, development of activities that promote equality, respect, to support disadvantaged children and youth (coming from orphanages, school dropouts, delinquent, disabled, minorities, immigrants, poor socioeconomic status, unemployed, etc.,), activities that promote healthy lifestyles among young people, offering healthy alternatives for negative behaviours spread in our society.

General Objectives:

Project objectives:

O1: Promoting youth activities( implemented by NGOs and Public authorities)and international opportunities (Erasmus +, ESC) in Craiova during the project period

O2: consultation of at least 500 young people including at least 20 disadvantaged young people from Craiova on their needs and interests in youth activities in July 2019

O3: informing and training 20 local youth and 20 young people from partner countries on ways to get involved in organizing community events in July-August 2019

O4: Implement 16 free youth activities for young people in Craiova during mobility and 10 activities in partner communities in the follow-up period

O5: Developing key competences for lifelong learning of 20 young people from 10 partner countries with a focus on cultural awareness and expression skills, digital competences, personal, social, learn to learn, entrepreneurial and citizenship competencies.

In a long term, we want:

-To have a network of reliable international partners for developing youth projects and sharing ideas and best practices

-Develop our organization's expertise in organizing major impact events

-Increase synergies between organizations in the NGO sector and public authorities in the Oltenia area

-Stimulate young people's involvement by the local authorities in events that target them

-Achieving a successful candidacy in Craiova - Youth Capital 2021

-Create other projects through this project (individual volunteer projects, team volunteer, KA2, etc.)

-Increase the youth database, teachers / youth workers

-Identify new ways of promoting activities with young people and for young people

-Increase the visibility of our Association at the local level

-raise the awareness of the opportunities offered by Erasmus + and ESC for young people in the community



Date: 2nd of July - 29 of August 2019

Number of direct participants: 2 per organization

Each of the 10 partner organizations will send 2 volunteers for a 2-month volunteer internship (July, August) in Craiova. We will have a total of 20 young people from EU and together with local volunteers will work in co-operation with NGOs from the initiative group for Craiova Youth Capital, Craiova City Hall and the Directorate of Sport and Youth from Dolj County.

The activities aims are to support the second stage of pre-candidacy at the Youth Capital 2021, to improve the cooperation between local stakeholders and youth and to raise the participation of youth in multiple cultural, sports and educational activities.

The activities of volunteers (July- August):

All teams:

Each volunteer will design a Volunteer profile on the YouTube channel, TV / radio attendances, Promotion of the ESC among young from Craiova

These activities contribute to delivering learning outcomes for volunteers: communication, digital competences, promotion, public speaking. They generate the impact in the community of Craiova by popularizing European opportunities for young people in the community, provide ideas for projects of local organizations, promote the image of youth activities and local NGO collaboration in the media, identify new ways of promoting activities with and for young people who are activating them

Increasing the visibility of our Association at the local level, collaborating with 2 newspapers and a regional television.

We will have 4 teams, each with 5 international volunteers and also with local volunteers(Marketing team, Culture team, Education for participation team and The sports team) .


Each volunteer needs to choose one of the team where she/he will work in:

1. Marketing team (5 volunteers):

-Blogging, twitter, facebook, instagram

-Layout of flyers, design of posters for the city

Learning outcomes: the volunteers will develop digital, cultural skills (written communication, linguistic competence). Tangible results: blog, posters, flyers, posts, etc.

Impact: Promoting young people's involvement in Craiova Youth Capital 2021, promoting the events organized by their colleagues, high attendance of young people in the community at events, promoting the ESC, forming the young people's initiative spirit, increasing the interest for the European programs of the community actors, common event calendars, presentations online).

2.The culture team (5 volunteers)

-Theater in parks: theater of the day and shadow theater in the evening

-Other creative activities according to volunteer interests and competencies

Learning outcomes: Cultural skills (understanding and transmission of messages through art, arts-specific methods), communication skills, linguistic skills. Tangible results: 16 events for young people from Craiova, movies of activities. Impact: It increases the interest of local youth for culture, for involvement in CYC2021, the development of our organization's competitiveness in organizing major local impact events.

3.Education for participation team (5 volunteers)

-Interviews with young people in the community about their needs and challenges

-Contest of ideas with local youth for events in Craiova - Youth Capital 2021

-Inclusion of young people with disabilities / disadvantaged people in the local youth initiative (partnership with the Salvation Army and Beethoven)

Learning outcomes: entrepreneurial and initiative competencies, citizens' competences. Tangible results: films with winners of the project competition, project ideas for the CYC2021 application, presentation of the young people at the project writing workshops. Impact: increasing the young people's database, increasing the number of local volunteers, highlighting the needs and ideas of disadvantaged young people through the project ideas competition, increasing the local youth initiative, strengthening the association's capacity to better represent the needs and challenges of the disadvantaged.

4.The sports team (5 volunteers)

-Design and organization of flashmobs in young populated areas (mall / hangouts / Water Park Craiova) - implementation with the help of other teams

-Organization of public health activities: bicycles, outdoor gymnastics, zumba, meditation, etc.

Learning outcomes: entrepreneurial skills and initiation, communication, citizens. Tangible results: movies, blog articles.

Impact: we will increase the visibility of the association, the visibility of CYC initiative 2021, collaboration with local authorities and other NGOs in the initiative group, collaboration with the media, young people in localities will be more convinced to implement their own initiative.

Travel details:

Have a look on: http://www.romaniatourism.com/maps/romania/romania_detail_map.html

How to reach Craiova: The conference will take place in Craiova (South part of Romania). There is an airport in Craiova, but with few flights. Most of the flights will likely go to Bucharest, and from there you can take a transport to Craiova. This transfer should cost between 15 to 20 Euros per person, one way. There is a direct bus from the airport to Craiova, as well as the option to go to the train station and take a train from there. We will book your tickets according to your suggestions.

Our currency is the Romanian Leu (RON): 1 Euro = 4.70 RON

Romania is member of the EU since 1st of January 2007;

The necessary documents for reimbursement of travel (All the other reimbursements(buses, car, taxes, train) will be done after Dominou receives all coming-return original tickets by postal address, money will be sent to your sending NGO's account)

1. Tickets (bus, metro, train, boarding passes, flight tickets);

2. Invoice – where the price is, your name(if the case), time;

3. Provement of payment (bank excerpt, credit card online payment-emails, paper bill)

Down here you can find the travel budget / country / person. Please fit in and let us know if we can support you in choosing best way of traveling.

Spain 360 EUR/participant

Greece 275 EUR/participant

Turkey 275 EUR/participant

Portugal 360 EUR/participant

Netherlands 275 EUR/participant

Croatia 275 EUR/participant

France 275 EUR/participant

Estonia 275 EUR/participant

Italy 275 EUR/participant

Bulgaria 180 EUR/participant

Travel insurance: pls follow the link to make your own travel insurance: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=559


It will be in a high school dorm, recently renovated, 2 volunteers per room.


You will receive catering, respecting your allergies or lifestyle choices ( no pork, vegan, vegetarian).

Deadline: 15th of May 2019

Profile of participants:

- age: 18 to 30 years old

- They have not participated in the ESC program yet

- Interested in volunteering, working, studying in another country, exploring cultural differences

- Interested in participating in community life, promoting NGO initiatives, non-formal education, event organization, grassroot culture or sports

- Experience in local volunteer work experiences or creative studies is a plus,

- They have the right attitudes (they want to contribute, develop, have clear objectives for mobility - assessed through an interview)

They are motivated to share their ESC experience with other young people throughout and beyond the project

Have a minimum English level with which they can communicate with other team members and volunteers; are determined to improve their English

They are eager for personal development, overcome their own limits, they want to grow together with the volunteer team

We do not have the organizational capacity to work with volunteers with severe disabilities.

For more details :

Ana Serban - 0040771739144; email:ana.serban2010@yahoo.com; facebook:https://www.facebook.com/anagabriela.serban

Silvia Patru - 0040754764931 email:silvia_patru@yahoo.com facebook:https://www.facebook.com/silvia.patru.3

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