Montgomery Bus Boycott By Kiana Garcia

It happened in 1955-1956 in Montgomery, Alabama on the city bus......... In 1955 Rosa Parks sat in a seat on the bus towards the front. As the bus started to fill up she was asked to give up her seat for a white man. The colored were forced to move to the back if a white man wanted to sit up front. Rosa Parks was asked to get up and move but she refused to give up her seat, so she was arrested for not giving up her seat.
The event goal was to stand up for the colored because they weren't treated equally on the buses. To have to let african americans back on the bus but letting them sit anywhere they want.
The Supreme court, Montgomery Mayor, Rosa Parks, WPC, and MLK. Theses groups and people had a huge impact on the boycott. The Supreme Court ruled that segregation on buses was unconstitutional and WPC and MLK supported Rosa Parks and what she did.
The people who boycotted the bus system faced many obstacles. They didn't ride the bus system for 381 days, so they had to walk everywhere even in the cold.The KKK harassed the blacks and bombed MLK and Nixon’s house. The white people and bus company tried to end the protest.
After all the protests, boycotts, groups that were formed for meetings to gather people together to figure out how to deal with the issues and to continue the boycott and work that was put into creating equal rights, colored people can sit wherever they want to on a bus and it doesn't faze anyone where they sit. Colored people now have equal rights and are treated more fairly.
Something modern day that relates to the Montgomery Boycott was the Uber ban in big cities like New York because of the immigrant ban. People took a stand to show that they weren't supporters of Trump and his ban against immigrants.


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