Why Do We Have Different Attitudes Towards the Opposite Gender? Are There Even Important Causes and Impacts About Being Together with the Opposite Gender? How Can We Be More Open-minded About the Opposite Gender?


I am just mad right now. And you know why? This boy named Billy Bob on my bus claimed that girls are not as smart as we think and that we are useless!!! I don’t understand how he thinks girls are useless!!! How dare he say that!!! Boys are always selfish! Why do they have to be self-centered? And why aren’t they cruel to boys? Why do we have different attitudes towards the opposite gender?

Are There Even Important Causes and Impacts About Being Together with the Opposite Gender?

This is the problem most adolescents - the period in human growth and development that occurs after childhood and before adulthood from ages 10 to 19 - have problem with. (portal.pmnch.org) Adolescents have a hard time dealing with the opposite gender. They are not sure whether having genders are an important cause. Well are genders an important cause? According to Kelley King and Michael Gurian state that, “Researchers have identified more than 100 structural differences between the male and female brain.” These differences include that the girls’ prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain which is one of the decision-making areas, is more active and develops at an earlier age than boys. These brain parts can lead to girls to be less impulsive - acting before thinking - than boys. (counseling.dasa.ncsu.edu) If genders wasn’t an important cause why do you think we have both genders and also why would we be with them and interact with them? For, example, have you ever experienced a time where you were talking to a person from the opposite gender and came up with an idea or opinion you never would've have thought to think about? If you know the good causes and impacts relating to gender, you will never think that genders are useless.

The differences between the brains of a female and male.

Have You Ever Experienced.........

Have you ever experienced a time in your classroom at school, when it was time to clean-up after a big project was held, the girls did all the cleaning since the boys were playing their own game of throwing the erasers around? And making what the girls cleaned up just now, a disaster? I bet you have had a similar scenario. But why does this relate to the good causes of gender? According to ascd.org, this scenario can be explained as the “100 structural differences.” The prefrontal cortex matters because the girls are making the right choices by cleaning up and not goofing off with others because their mind is telling them that gooding off is not the right choice. This makes them less impulsive. But on the other hand, the boys’ prefrontal cortex isn't as developed as the girls’ and that causes them not make a decision that might not be entirely correct. By this, it makes them become more impulsive than girls. But don’t worry boys, your prefrontal cortexes will develop soon enough for you to make the correct choice in adulthood. But because the boys don’t have a developed prefrontal cortex doesn’t mean that boys aren’t as developed as girls.

The differences between the brains.

According to ascd.org, boys have half the brain space for spatial-mechanical functioning, which makes them want to move objects through space and want to move around, while girls use that space for verbal-emotive functioning, the ability to be able to socialize with people using your own emotions and being able to identify how others are feeling, which explains why boys and girls act different. (cdl.org)This means that there are strengths to each gender and that genders are an impact that affects us all in positive ways. Always remember the strengths each gender has.

How Can We Be More Open-minded About the Opposite Gender?

This is all about you. All that matters is you. Without you, nothing will start and nothing will end. Think about it. How do you feel about the opposite gender? How can you change? The answer is that you have to change. According to healthguidance.org and undp.org, some strategies to help you change are:

  • Girls:
  • Rely on people near you to help you.
  • They will understand and give you good advice.
  • Boys:
  • First try to think alone
  • If this doesn’t work, then try to be open-minded and ask people near you for help.
  • Both girls and boys:
  • Always remember the strengths each gender has.
  • Never forget that genders are different and that we should appreciate that.

Use these strategies to help you and these will guide you to being able to change yourself.

How to be more open-minded about the opposite gender


Whenever thinking about the opposite gender, always remember the positive impacts it has on you and people around you. Remember the strengths each gender has and think of them as an impact that affects you in many ways. And don’t forget to use the strategies to help you change and help other people near you to change. Thanks for reading!


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