TV Media production By Aryan srivastava

Job Application Letter

I had applied for the position of TV presenter, and I knew it wasn't going to be a walk in the park.I had briefed in my letter of my previous experiences with presenting such as being a narrator in a drama or presenting a scene in a film.But even with my quality letter, it was not good enough to meet the teachers expectations and so what I could refine is that not make my writing too vague and try not to make it like I am telling a story

My role as presenter

In a role as a TV presenter communication is effective and having a good understanding of the whole production process and should also be able to perform well under stress and pressure.When presenting on live television,presenters should be in a calm and relaxed state of mind to make their job seem easier.They sometimes write their own material and they also need to be able to memorize facts when necessary.The presenter also receives instructions from the production team such as when he is reading from an auto cue and/ or script.

Textual analysis of TV Make

I am going to analyze how the interest of pizza cupcakes,attract the certain types of audiences

Set Design

Visual appeal is created with color,images,graphics.In the video it shows how the presenters are dressed in uniform aprons made by the studio with the logo on it.The show uses vibrant variety of colors and shading to grab the attention of the intended audience.The mix purple and pink in the background entices the viewers.In the background there is an oven shown and it gives a sense of feeling that they are making the pizza cupcakes in a kitchen rather than in a studio and it also appeals to wide audience of males,females and people of all ages who are interested in trying out new recipes or who are interested in cooking. The show is branded as ‘Make’ as it explains the procedure as to how to make the pizza cupcakes.

The Make Table

The show has ingredients collected beforehand and when they show the process of making,then they place the finished product to save time.The final product is a form of image to show how it will look when you do it rightly.The decorative white border paired with purple color top, helps to express the feminine features and is also highly noticeable to the viewers. Purple being an intense color immensely attracts the attention of the viewers.The purple color connotes grace and elegance which is visually appealing and is likely to lead to satisfaction of the viewer. The placement of the semi-circle table at the forefront of the background creates a close matching, which done intentionally to attract the attention of the viewers.The make table shows the finished products, kitchen gadgets.

Graphic Elements

The typographic signifiers show that when the ingredients are listed,they use two different fonts for the title,one in bold and other normal.The programme is identified itself with an intro,outro and logo.


There two presenters in the video,the one the left is the leading presenter as well as demonstrating along with the person on the right who is Raphael(who is guest-starring) demonstrating too.They are dressed like a chef with a apron and other viewers at home who would put on a apron in the kitchen.They say things like “This is very easy to make at home”,so it gives the viewers some idea that is it is not very complicated.

Use of language

The presenter’s tone is very lively,enthusiastic,persuasive, while repeating the instructions by the chef.The style of her conversation is very informal and super-excited.The language used is simple to follow because she uses adjectives like “excited”,”brilliant”,”delicious” to describe the food.She also exclaims in excitement that the steps to follow in making the cupcakes is not “too difficult”. She uses phrases like “so easy,such an easy thing to make”, to encourage and motivate viewers to try to make the recipe themselves.

Camera Coverage

Where Cameras are positioned.

There are variety of shots used such as an establishing shot which is usually a long shot that helps to set the scene.It is then followed by a mid-shot which shows some part of the subject in more detail, whilst still showing enough for the audience to feel as if they were looking at the whole subject.Then there is the close-up in which a certain feature or a part of the subject takes up most of the frame.Close-ups are used for showing detail and can also be used as a cut-in.There is also a following shot which is on wheels to keep the subject on the shot.Three cameras have placed in individual places to get the best shot.


There are some techniques used such as ambiguous time which is within the context of a well-defined time-scheme sequences may occur which are ambiguous in time. This is most frequently communicated through dissolves and superimposition. It is broken down to eleven steps to show how to make it.There a smooth right hand transition when she is saying out the ingredients and when the presenter is talking about the website there is a text shown to where to refer to.


There are about three segments in the video one is the intro,outro,procedure.There is a Chronological/Sequence in which events are in a sequence from beginning to end.It provides structural variety as it show how to make it and shows how the end product looks like.Intro shows us the presenter introducing the guest for the episode and what he or she does,procedure is when they tell you the things they are gonna include in their episode such as ingredients.Outro indicates that the show has come to an end and they usually finish it by talking a sponsor or going to their website for further information.

Distribution and reception of the show "The Flash"

The Flash is a TV show in which it talks about a forensic scientist named Barry Allen who works for the CCPD in Central City and one day as he works in his lab,the particle accelerator is turned on and there is a failure in the system,it sends out a dark matter which affects the whole city.The dark matter then comes in a form of lighting and then strikes Barry making him go into a nine months coma.When he wakes up,he learns that he was not the only struck by the dark matter and because of the dark matter there these meta humans running around with powers and hurting people.So Barry with the help of Cisco and Dr Caitlin Snow,he must stop all these meta humans as the Flash.


The Flash had become really popular ever since when Barry Allen was first introduced on Arrow and then got his own spinoff show The Flash.I think having The Flash on platforms such as Hulu or Netflix can help million of viewers see the show any time or day.The Flash also has twitter,Instagram and Facebook to help to connected with the viewers and get questions from them after each episode.Using this it is very easy to attract more people to watch the show.


Everyone knows the flash is as popular as the arrow but what makes it popular are the fans aka the viewers.There are so many forums and fan bases for show like the flash.People are curious as to what is gonna happen on the next episode,so they post theories or predictions on what is going to happen

The Make

I was the presenter of the group,learning the script was my key role as well as performing it live.As you could see,I did not get it on the first try it self, but on the final take I think I had given my best.There were items needed as to when I had to stop speaking as the VT was being played such as lavaliere microphone which usually used in TV shows ,or reality TV.There would also be a earpiece attached to my ear to receive instructions from the director.The floor manager would tell me which camera to look at and when to stop talking when the VT is playing.

Here is a rehearsal footage of what happened and the final make.Hope you enjoy it!

Distribution properties

For our make we had posted our video on youtube so it can reach our intended audience.

Conclusions and Evaluation

I think this is a far better journal then what I had done in the Horror Unit,it actually excelled far more than my expectation.What I wanted to improve on was presenting a little better after the number of takes taken to finish our "Make" as acting wasn't really a strong key point in me but I had managed to clutch through the strain and make it .

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