Monochromatic Day Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021



"I had this hat, and then I bought [the tracksuit]," said Vara Hopkins. "I kind of wanted it for a kind of traffic cone look, so that's what I did." Hopkins (pictured far right) was especially excited for Spirit Week, as they helped plan it as a member of Forum Council.


"Yesterday I thought it was monochrome day, so I dressed completely in red. So I'm like, okay, well, I can't be red two days in a row, so why not be yellow?" said Kate Angus. Despite the confusion, Angus was well equipped with plenty of monochromatic options. In fact, Angus (pictured far right) still had to choose between the yellow ensemble and a fully orange suit.



"This is actually the first day that I've done [the theme] consciously," said Ivy Prochaska. She picked out her outfit the morning of. After settling on the color blue, Prochaska considered a full denim look. "You know, going for [the] Canadian tuxedo," Prochaska said. In the end, she went with dark wash jeans and a navy sweater, which she'd tried on together before, but decided against because they were too similar in shade. "Today was the perfect opportunity [to wear them]," Prochaska said.


After her school supplies were simply too heavy to carry around in anything but a backpack, Ailish Kilbride was excited to participate in Spirit Week again (she was an enthusiastic participant in pajama day), and monochromatic day was the perfect theme. "I woke up this morning and I was like, 'Oh, I'll wear beige.' It was kind of spur of the moment," said Kilbride (pictured far left). Fortunately, she had the perfect beige set for the occasion.


Leila Bank thought a pre-Halloween Spirit Week was a good choice, especially since Community High School doesn't have homecoming, and she was very excited for the week's themes. "I planned this outfit out last Friday," Bank (pictured top middle) said. Although Bank considered an all navy outfit to correspond with her extensive collection of dark wash genes, gray won out. "I was like, wait, I have these cool black overalls and I could totally do something with that. They're actually gray overalls. For the record, they're gray," said Bank, laughing.


Although Poppy Magee was most looking forward to wearing her Halloween costume on Friday, she still showed up for the monochrome theme. "I wanted to go for something really colorful and different," said Magee (pictured top right, second from left), looking sheepish in all black. "Unfortunately, I only own black pants." She considered one of her many colorful dresses. "But it's cold and I'm lazy," Magee said. The resulting outfit consisted of black pants (of course), her favorite black shoes (Mary Jane Doc Martens), and black Halloween socks. She even took her dedication to the monochrome style one step further. "I normally wear dark brown eyeliner and today I wore black eyeliner to be more monochrome, which I thought was funny," Magee said.


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