The World According To Chloe S


This is a picture of some of the process that is involved in making a T-Shirt.

Globalization is not good for the world. An example is it hurts environment in different ways. When trucks, airplane and any type of transportation is being used, it causes carbon monoxide to be released into the air which then cause global warming. This reason is why global warming is slowly increasing. Another example is the workers that are involved in making these products are being treated badly. One reason is even though the products were created in conditions that are not the cleanest or the best, these products are sold for more than what they should and at the same time the workers are not getting paid well at all. According to Jasmine and several other workers that creates clothes in Bangladesh, they barely make 80 American dollars each month. At the same time most of the money is sent back to their families that are in extreme poverty and only 1 to 2 dollars are used to buy extra needs. Not only that, but newly built machines are replacing workers causing them to lose their jobs and trying to survive by looking for discarded scraps. Workers that are in Bangladesh do not want to work in these areas, but they have no choice because it is either to make a little bit of money for working shifts that are more than 8 hours long, or look through trash to try to survive. Lastly the Earth can not obtain this much work that is above it including using it is resources to the limit. Some farmers in America for instance in Mississippi, use genetIcally modified cotton plants to grow cotton for clothes because they have ran out of natural cotton. Genetically modified crops can help with scarcity, at the same time it can cause people to eat not natural or organic food which can affect the human body.

These are pictures of what Mount Everest look like and a picture of an avalanche.

Mount Everest is not worth the climb for several reasons. An example is the cost of the whole trip. Some of the costs of this trip is the crew or also known as the guides, cooks and doctor. Only this costs 98,000 US dollars. Not only that, but there are transportation and lodging en route to base camp that cost 41,000 US dollars, permits and fees that cost 78,000 dollars and supplies like fuels, oxygen, batteries, tents, medical supplies and climbing gear that coast about 49,000 US dollars. Other than fees, the human body won’t get enough oxygen for such a high altitude. Several climbers that were on the summit had said that breathing would be more difficult than ever. According to Jordan Romeo a 13 year old, who was the youngest climber to climb Mount Everest said that after 20 seconds of breathing he had to rest for 5 minutes to catch his breathe to be able to continue. The summit has 66% less oxygen than sea level. Other than having breathing issues this whole climb is a big life risking climb. Avalanches from Mount Everest can basically destroy a whole camp. In 2014 a big avalanche hit base camp causing 19 to die and 3 of which are Americans. Not only people die on Mount Everest, but their bodies are preserved in the cold. This means other climbers that climb would see your dead body lying on the snow or hanging on the rope. With these examples Mount Everest shouldn’t be a mountain to climb.

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This is a picture of where most oil comes from in Southwest Central Asia.

Having valuable resources can affect a region in many different ways. Having valuable resources can increase life expectancy and decrease infants who die in their first year. In Saudi Arabia they create lots of oil which is a valuable resource. This oil is used to sell to the rest of the world. In general oil have improved many lives in the Southwest Asia region by creating lots of money. In 2002 researchers found over the past 30 years life expectancy has increased 15 more years and number of infants that die in their first year was decreased by ⅔. Having valuable resource can help make a community more wealthy. In the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait both have high gross domestic product. Both of these countries have a small population, therefore if the high GDP of oil is distributed evenly between the community, everyone one would be rich. Living in a place with valuable resources can be a good benefit and countries have found ways to make the country better for everyone.


This a picture of nomadic herders in the desert wearing blue robes.

To live in a desert people need ways to adapt to the hot, dry and arid climate in many different ways. For example, people live near oases to make it easier to get water because water is a scarce resource in Africa especially near the dry areas. Water is important because humans need water to be able to survive, so if there isn’t any water they would die. The Sahel and Sahara is always in a drought, therefore if you find an oasis it would be fortunate. People lives near oasis because there are date palm trees. Date palm trees are very useful because every part of the tree is useful for instance the wood of the tree can be used for building a house or starting a fire, the leafs of the trees can be used for shade and the dates of the tree can be used to eat. Another example is people use robes to protect themselves from the sun. The Sahel and the Sahara receives sunlight during the day, so it’s easy to get sunburned when traveling long distances. Most of the people in the desert are nomadic herders, therefore that means they have to travel long distances to oasis to trade for food and other supplies. When the herders travel, sandstorms can happen out of nowhere, so the robes can shield their face from the sand. Living in the desert can be difficult because the obstacles, but overtime people have overcame these challenges. Even though there are more challenges, overtime people that are living at the desert will found out how to solve it.


This is a picture of citizen drawn apart from each other instead of coming together.

Centrifugal force is the force that works against the supranational cooperation. One reason how the centrifugal force effects the super national cooperation in is Europe has more than 20 diversified languages which each citizen speaks depending on their cultural identity. This affects the supranational cooperation because it is hard to cooperate or work together when the nations can not communicate to each other. Another reason how the centrifugal force effects the super national corporations is nations would not give up their sovereignty. Nations would not give up power because they want to rule themselves or in other words rule themselves independently. This affects the super cooperation because nations would not get together because a chain reaction would happen if one state gets in trouble all of them get in trouble. With the information above it sums up how the centrifugal works against the supranational cooperation.


This is a picture of citizens waiting to vote for a representative.

Direct democracy is the most effective form of government. In a direct democracy the citizens get to participate in voting for a good leader. This means if the citizens vote for a govern they like, the majority of the people would enjoy the governor's thought and ideas, so nobody would want to hurt the governor. This is better than a representative democracy because the governor's vote for who they want for a leader, but if the citizens dislike the person they chose then the whole country can go against the governor. In a direct democracy the representative gets to participate in make the constitution. This means the representatives can create laws that are not silly. Unlike the direct representative, the direct democracy is better because the citizens and representatives are able to participate in more and run the country.


This is a picture of someone graduating and having good grades.

A good citizen is someone who can follow the rules also known as the law. A good citizen can also be someone that can handle responsibilities. If his/her has both of these character traits they are a good citizen. For example if someone were to break the law there would be consequences that can affect how much responsibility they can handle. A good citizen would have responsibilities to follow like going to school for an education, having a job to pay bills and to buy family needs, following the law and more. If the responsibilities aren't handled correctly, the action comes with a price that can be a fee, jail time or other legal after effects. Another way to be a good citizen is to respect other people’s right instead of squashing their ideas. With all of these ideas and character traits this is the way to be a good citizen.


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