Worsbrough common primary December Newsletter

As we come to the end of, what can only be described as, a "new normal" Autumn Term, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support for the school to enable us to do the best for your children.

I think 2020 has shown just how resilient the pupils, staff and families of WCPS are...taking lots of brand new life experiences in their stride! We welcomed the whole school community back in September and it was like we had never been away. Children stepped straight back into learning with the most amazing attitudes, determined to get back to it! This attitude has continued through bubble closures as children (and parents!) have engaged with home learning as if they were still in the classroom. We know, at times, this has been challenging but once again staff, pupils and families have been determined to make the most of every opportunity. Thank you.

Every month I sit down to reflect and write this part of the news letter and find myself saying "What a busy month!" but December seems to have been particularly busy! We have seen a whole school Christingle Service, Rudolph run, whole school science investigation to find the best biscuit for Santa, community bauble decorating, recording class Christmas songs, Virtual author visit, virtual coffee morning, all alongside multiple bubble closures! We have also begun our journey towards gaining the Artsmark award so we will keep you posted about developments.

This week will also see our second birthday celebration afternoon. A time for children to celebrate their birthday with friends as they can’t have parties like previously!

Mr Howell and Mrs Wright have been working incredibly hard to pull together our WCPS Christmas album. Each class has performed their own Christmas song and Mr Howell has recorded and published them ready for you to purchase. All you need to do is send £1 into class and the track will be emailed directly to you. We are asking that these are for your personal use and are not shared between the school community. We normally raise school funds from our Christmas fair and this year we have obviously been unable to do this so this is our way of trying to raise some money to spend on the school. If you would like to purchase all tracks you can do this for £6.

Our Christmas video filmed to raise awareness of child hunger but also to raise the importance of having fun!

This Month in pictures...

Christingle Service

Online Safety

Over the last few weeks we have had some reports of children being unkind or using technology irresponsibly. At WCPS we are very clear on our expectations of behaviour inside and outside of school both off line and online. Part of our PSHE and ICT curriculums cover how to stay safe online and how to use technology responsibly.

We have previously had a newsletter themed around being kind online please find it by clicking the button below.


We are continuing to encourage donations of gifts for Highstone Mews care home. These need to be in school by Wednesday so that they can be isolated before being delivered. We are hoping that a group of children can deliver them and sing to the residents from outside, spreading the message of Christmas.


Historically December has been one of our hardest months to get positive attendance however this year has been really positive! Children are really showing us that they don’t want to miss out what’s going off in the classrooms and coming to school regularly!

Current attendance since September is


Year group attendance, since September, is as follows;

Nursery- 94.5%

Foundation Stage 2- 97.1%

Year 1- 97.6%

Year 2- 97.6%

Year 3- 96.9%

Year 4- 96.7%

CIRP- 99%

Year 5- 96%

Year 6- 96.2%

The best we have ever seen and so close to our 97% target. This positive attendance is really reflected in the progress children have made since September, as they say you have to be in it to win it!

This week will see pupils receiving their first attendance badge. For anyone who attends 100% in one term receives their Bronze award, two terms is Silver and 3 Terms is Gold. This means that if you haven’t managed to get 100% this term you have another chance in the spring term! Good Luck!

As 2020 comes to end we have 2 departures from school. Unfortunately we will be saying good bye to Sarah from reception. We are sure 100s of you have spoken to her as she answers the phones and welcomes people into WCPS from the front desk, we wish her every success in her new job.

Regretfully, we also say goodbye to Mr Howell. Mr Howell has been at WCPS for a lot of years now and has worked with a large percentage of the pupils across the school. He is a well known character across the school community and we will be incredibly sad to see him go. He is moving to bless students of Barnsley College with his skills, personality and musical talents; they are very lucky. We are sure Friday will not be the last time we see Mr Howell and hope that he will come back to see us regularly.

During his time at WCPS Mr Howell has had a huge impact, we wish him every success!


Wednesday 16th December- Christmas Jumper Day (Non uniform and Christmas dinner)

Friday 18th December- Christmas Party Day (Party clothes and party food for lunch!)

Friday 18th December- LAST DAY OF TERM

Monday 4th JANUARY- Staff Return to School- INSET DAY CLOSED TO PUPILS

Tuesday 5th JANUARY- Pupils Return to School

Friday 12th February- LAST DAY OF HALF TERM


Created with images by Daria-Yakovleva - "christmas new year's eve postcard"