History of Nigeria By:verge F,Allen G,Carlos G,anthony S

Early ages

  • 1472 - Portuguese navigators reach Nigerian coast.
  • 16-18th centuries - slave trade millions of Nigerians are forcibly sent to the Americas.
  • 1830s-1886 - civil was plague yorubaland in the south.

Middle Ages

  • 1960-There was independence with the prime minister (Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa) leading a coalition government.
  • 1966 Jan.-Mr.Balewa killed in coup , Maj-gen Jhonson Aguiyi-ironsi forms a military government.
  • 1966 July-General Ironsi killed in counter-coup,replaced by Lieutenant-colonel Yakubu Gowon.
  • 1967-Biafra,sparking got in the bloody civil war.
  • October 1st, 1960-1963 , Nnameli Azikwie became the general government.

Final age

  • December 31st, 1983- August 27th 1985- maj, gen, Muhammade Bihari became head of military state.
  • August 26th, 19993- November 17th 1993- Ernest shonekan became head of interim national government.
  • 2006- January- militants in Niger delta attack pipelines and other oil facilities and kidnap foreign workers.
  • 2010-May- president Umara dies after long term illness.
  • 2011-Vice President Goodluck wins presidential election.
  • 2017-Scores die as Nigerian airfoce academy accidentally bombs refugee camp.


  • Most popular foods in Nigeria are yam and cassava as well as the vegetable soups with which they often serve in Nigeria.
  • These are the top three most comes soups in Nigeria...
  • Okra
  • Ogbono
  • Egusi


  • Population...(167million people)
  • Major languages...(English,Yoruba,Ibo, hausa)
  • Religions...(Islam, Christianity, indigenous beliefs)


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