The Dragoco BY: Aileen rodriguez

This is Dragoco, Its scientific name is Chromaeuneu that means Chroma: color, Eu: good, Neu: new.

The Dragoco is a fish/bunny/bat that lives in the Neritic zone, that extends from the surface to 200 meters (656 feet), only 10% of total ocean area, but contains 90% of all marine life. . It also lives in the Epipelagic zone that shares characteristics with Euphotic zone. In Euphotic zone there is high sunlight, lots of oxygen, the temperature is warm and it has low pressure. Maximum depth depends on water clarity (turbidity).

The Dragoco has a long antenna on its head that functions as his mouth, since it lives in the Neritic zone, it absorbs all the nutrients of the seaweeds with miniature tubes that are located at the top of its antenna. The Dragoco is about 10 inches but can grow up to 35 inches. Its bright colors on its skin help it absorb sunlight and its light weight makes it faster. Since the Dragoco is colorful it has to be really careful and hide at night under corals because some predators can easily see him. The Dragoco's long ears have powerful sensors that help him notice if there is a predator approaching. Sunlight is really important for the Dragoco because it relies on the temperature of the water to feel comfortable, if it is too cold it will migrate to warmer waters.

The Dragoco has two different type of tails, it uses one that is called caudal fin to swim slowly so the other fishes don't see he coming; the other ones are for when it needs to swim really fast. One tail is longer than the other. The longest ones are thin and curled at the end. The Dragoco has spiny fins that it exposes when it feels threatened, when it feels that is time to fight against a predator it would use its pectoral fins to slap the predator until it is able to escape. One of the most important defense strategies of the Dragoco is that when it escapes from the predator since it is altered, it's able to swim and see in the Aphotic zone. Dragoco has 10 little holes under the pectoral fins and it breaths trough them.

The Dragoco is an omnivore, it feeds onto both meat and plants. it likes to eat small fish like common carp, angelfish. It also eats a variety of seaweeds like kelp, red algae, and Irish moss. It reproduces every 6 months. They gather around coral reefs. The males show their black spots to get the attention of the female and if they get the females attention, they will stick together for 6 months, the male will carry the eggs until the babies are born and then they part ways and look for another partner. The Dragoco is a nektonic organism since it can actively swim from the surface to the bottom of the ocean.

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