Pakistan P.E.G.S. Cecil tucker

Pakistan's government consist of a semi-Presidential Federal Democratic Republic. The head of state is the president, which is voted on by the electoral college, and the Prime minister, which is voted on by the National Assembly, is second in command. They provide protect through their armed forces and military leadership while in offfice.

Pakistan works towards building up entrepreneurial environment and is the 32nd ranked in the world for it's economony. It's agriculture makes up about 24 percent of its GDP, acontains about half of the employed labour force, and also is the largest source of foreign exchange earnings. Some important crops are wheat, cotton, rice, sugar cane and maize.

Major export crops include rice, non-retail cotton, non-knit men's suits and heavy purely woven cotton. These items are mainly sent to the countries of the United States, China, Afghanistan, Germany, and the United Kingdom.About 48% of the workers work in the service center, 27% in industry, and 25% in agriculture. Women generally are teachers or nurses when working.

Pakistan also contains diversed and interesting geographical features such as their mountains. They have several mountains including K-2, the second highest mountain in the world. Other landforms like rivers, lakes and deserts are also located inside the country.

The people of Pakistan are 95% Muslim leaving a very small amount of 5% following other religions. Due to this, it's typical for families not to eat pork and fast daily during the month of Ramadan. Typically spices and curry are implemented in most of their meals with a more bland side dish such as rice. Women typically stay home as house makers while men are the bread winners.

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