good is the enemy of great


Built to Last focused on companies that had always been great

The acceptance of good has minimized great

Can good companies become great? How?

the search

Good to great companies included those who had record of 15 years of good or bad results and 15 years of great results

Must have three times the market time the general market independently of their industries

Eleven good to great companies fell within the data standards

Compared to what?

Direct comparisons: same industry, opportunities, similar resource, but not good to great

Unsustained comparisons: made the transition from good to great but failed to maintain greatness.

Inside the black box

Each discovery shed additional light on the process of transitioning from good to great

The theory is built on evidence and data.

What was not found within the black box gave insight to the inner workings of becoming good to great.

Framework of concepts

Level 5 Leadership

First Who…Then What

Confront the Brutal Facts

The Hedgehog Concepts

A Culture of Discipline

Technology Accelerators

The Flywheel and the Doom Loop

From Good to Great to Built to Last

The Timeless “Physics” of Good to Great

Will the new economy change the principles of going from good to great?

Not just a business problem, but a human problem.


Companies can become great

What is not found can be helpful clues

Listen to the evidence

Thank you


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