Mexico's Christmas History By: Angelica Sanchez

The Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is the celebration of Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethelem.

Mexican Traditions


Posadas are these party-like celebrations, where you can many Mexican known foods and treats. At posadas, you can hit pinatas and play with the children.


Pinatas are these paper-mache items that you can fill with candies or other items. When it's 'pinata Time" you hit the piñata with a pretty matching stick.


Mexican candies are most common for Holidays. They make treat bags for the children. The children receive the bags and dig in.


Mexico usually eat these five dishes called Posole, Menudo, Tamales, Enpanadas, and Tres Leche Pastel.


Enpanadas are meat or fruit filled pastries. They can be either sweet or full of meat.

Tres Leche Pastel

A Tres Leche Pastel is another pastry. It is basically a cake drenched in milk.

Interesting Information

One interesting event of Christmas for Mexico is The Posadas. The Posadas are nine nights before Christmas. The nine nights represent the nine months Jesus spent in Mary's womb.

Another interesting thing about Mexico's Christmas is a Church's community come together and create a play for each night at the church.

One last interesting thing about Mexico's Christmas is that it isn't called Christmas, It is called " La Posada."

Similarities and differences

Our food is similar to Mexico's food as to they the same ingredients. People in the U.S receive gifts just as people in Mexico. People in the U.S and people in Mexico both sing carols. A thing that makes us different is that we don't do the plays. We also don't hit pinatas on Christmas. The U.S usually don't eat all of the Mexico Christmas foods.

What might be strange

Mexico might find it weird or strange to put up fake Christmas Trees as to they put up real Christmas Trees.

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