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Alfred Perez at Grace Batist Church

Alfred Perez Finds Grace

Alfred Perez is over 55 years of age and living on the streets of San Jose. Perez lost his job, which caused him to loose his home forcing him on the streets. "Its a little difficult because I thought by now someone would have picked me up and I'm over 55. I don't think their looking for me". This has left him with no income. Perez was paired with social services, which helped him find Grace Baptist Church. Grace Baptist Church is open four times a week. This church is a location where homeless people can come and take care of themselves. Perez is able to come here to shower and eat. He explained that when he doesn’t have money he is able to help out around the church and in return he receives a meal.

Perez struggles to find places to sleep. He always has to be aware of his surroundings due to the constant battle of security and police. "You have the police and the sheriffs that do not want you sleeping anywhere you know that makes the city look bad". San Jose has a bus that runs twenty-four hours called the 22. Perez along with other homeless people would use this bus as a place to sleep at night. Although this did not always work due to the security that would come by and kick out whoever was sleeping.

Although Perez states, "I was hoping this would be over by Christmas". He encourages himself along with his friends that they should never give up.

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