Want to learn the Whip? Grab your dirt bike and let's get started

Have you ever wondered what it's like to do the whip on a dirt bike? Here are the three thing i'm gonna tell you about the step,condition, and the safety

The success to doing the whip on a dirt bike is the leaning, turning, and the landing. When you lean your going to push your leg against the side of the air box to make the bike lean over. Another key to doing the whip is turning you can turn to the right or the left as you lean.you want to lean to the side that you're turning to in the air. In addition to turning and the leaning is the landing when you land you don't want to turn or lean so.

the bike doesn't land on its side. You want your wheels to land flat on the ground.

Safety is key when it comes to the whip. One thing you can wear is a helmet to protect your head. Another thing you can wear is a chest protector so when you fall you won't get hurt. Lastly you can wear boots because your muffler and engine gets really hot and when you put you bear skin/ leg it will burn you.

This is some of the gear you can wear to pertect your self.

Now you learned how to do the whip on a dirt bike.

I hope you learned something new about dirt biking and are interested in doing the whip on a dirt bike.

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Timmy Nearhoof


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