Alycia Eberhart By Alycia Eberhart

I can't believe it!! I can finally cross off number 10 on my bucket list! I finally went to Canada!

Our whole family went, and had too much fun! The first thing we did was drove around before we got there, just to see what's there. We saw hospital and dentist buildings,restraunts, stores, gas stations, vehicles rentals, taxi services, banks, laundry mats, tourists, post offices, library's, a community colleges, airports, and arts and craft buildings.

The three main things we did there was hiking at Akshayak Pass, the most popular place to hike in Auyuitug. The next thing we did was back country camping. The park ranger told us wherever we end up camping, not to camp near wildlife habitats. The last thing we did was go dog sledding. The guy who gave us the introduction said "a spring trip to the park boundary over the sea ice by dog team is a truly unique experience.

The last day we were ther, we got the full experience by hunting. We hunted Carabou, bear, and deer. It took a while, while we were sitting we got REALLY dirty. Just sitting in the mud and dirt, and snow was really dirty. By the time we got back, we were too muddy to just sleep, so we had to go jump in the lake near where we were camping to clean off. Yes it was cold, but we survived! When we woke up the next morning, we gutted the deer and got the meat, and grilled it, then ate it.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my experience going to Canada, and hope you all had a good time on your trips.


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