Saturn A journey beyond

Saturn could float in water. It is made from gas. (Earth is made from rocks and stuff) Humans have been gazing up Saturn for a long time. They have been wondering about it for thousands of years. It has been called the "Jewel of the solar system." Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system after Jupiter. You can not stand on Saturn. Its not like earth. Saturn is mostly made from gases. It has a lot of Helium, like what you put on balloons. The beautiful rings are not solid. They are made of bits of ice, rocks and dust. Saturn goes around the sun very slowly.

It is called "Jewel of the solar system" because of the beautiful rings. It is the second largest planet in the solar system. It is the sixth planet from the sun and the third planet from earth.

Saturn has sixty two moons they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The journeys around the ringed planet range from half an earth day to just over four earth years. Titan one of Saturn's moons is bigger than mercury (the planet.) Some of the moons travel inside the gapes of the rings, clearing paths through the rocks. Other orbit farther out. Larger moons may trap smaller moons keeping them nearby.

This is a video of four days at Saturn.

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Emily Lindsay


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