Fictional Writing p5-06 Enter the WONDROUS world of fantasy and adventure

In Technology Foundations, every student was to create a series of projects about a hobby or class that interested them. Mine just so happened to be fictional writing. We were to make a business letter, flyer, and even a logo for our hobby. In this story you're going to see everything I've done for this project, including a poll I took with the class.

These are the results of the classroom poll that I took using Microsoft Excel.

To me this project was really fun. I came up with some really good things that I could actually use for a book store in the future. I've always loved books and writing just brings out more personal, unique, adventures that I could only wish to go on. Looking at life through the eyes of another character is an amazing feeling. It's like you can manipulate their life and have them do things you could only wish to do.

This is the business letter that I created using Microsoft Word.

For the business letter, we had to create a business that involved our hobby. With my hobby being fictional writing I figured I could create a book store. My book store is called Fictional Wonderland. It's a vintage book shop that has a little coffee shop in it, and computers customers can use to write their own adventures. This letter explains that and also more about the little shop.

This is the Logo I created for Fictional Wonderland using Adobe Illustrator

The logo was my favorite part. I wanted to create something unique that I could use in the future if I ever decided to open a book store. It stands for Fictional Wonderland and looks good - I think - for a vintage shop.

This is the masked photo I made through Adobe Photoshop

For the masked image, we used Adobe Photoshop. I used a book that I had and a simple pen with one of my notebooks as the background. It doesn't look that good and it was pretty hard but it's the best that I could do with the things I had at home.

This is the flyer I made for Fictional Wonderland using Adobe Indesign

For the flyer, I used my logo and a picture that I drew a couple months ago. I used my computer number at school instead of my name for confidentiality reasons, but otherwise the flyer uses details from my business letter and explains when the "book store" is open and some things the store has in it.

For the project we also had to create a PowerPoint and a Website explaining the project and everything we did within the project. This was a really fun project for me because I've always wanted to own a book store so in the future if I ever just want to create one I can use the stuff I created in this project. Thank you for your interest in my project and my hobby; and I hope you find a hobby you love just as much as I love fictional writing.

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