“HOW TO HEAL THE WORLD” María victoria martín fdez

The world is bigger than we imagine and its problems are bigger than ours. We must think that everything we do individually affects everyone and everything. We have to make a small reflection on what we can change from planting a tree, helping someone, recycling...... It isn't just a date on the calendar as a birthday but a little daily work.

The world in your hands

We can do a lot of things to heal the world, such as:

  • Volunteering or donating to charities: Contacting the volunteer organizations in your area and discover a cause that you are passionate about.
  • Donating blood.
  • Being advocate: Talk about injustices in the world and get your friends involved too.
  • Becoming an organ donor.
  • Recycling.
  • Parking the car: You can reduce your emissions, start walking to nearby places, use public transport whenever posible. You can also do things like cycling to work and if you need to use a car buying one that uses a mixture of electricity (a sourse of renewable energy) and gas or just electricity.
  • Reducing your impact on the planet: Reduce your harmful impact on the planet by reusing items and materials whe you can, using green products, buying food and local items (supporting your local economy) and conserving resources like water.
  • Minimizing your water use: Take shorter showers, don't leave the water running when you brush your teeth and generally pay attention to how you use the water.
  • Participate in a chain of favors: Simply do something good for 3 people without being asked and in return ask them to do the same for 3 other people and so on.
  • Do not intentionally harm others: Imagine a society where each person doesn't seek to hurt others.

There are things so easy to do:

  • You could donate clothes and food.
  • Those associations that fight for people who have nothing.
  • The children who make a Belen every year in San Juan the Dios.
  • You could go and value their effort.

My opinion LAUGH AND SMILE!! The laughter is the best medicine you can have. Sharing a smile and laughing with someone is easy, completely free and you could that person's day!! Your happiness contributes well-being of others and the planet, this is called sustainable happiness!!!


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