The history behind the odyssey By jennifer moreno and sIndey fERnandez

In this story it all started when Zeus along with a lot of other gods were messing around and decided to go from girl to girl in the human world however this would result in a Demi god for example Percy Jackson however Percy was from Poseidon. Anyways this would result in something bad. One day a profit told Zeus that one day one of his sons would overthrow him as he did to his dad. As a result he decided to marry two people so this would not happen. These two were Peleus and Thetis
At the wedding at the two a apple that had the words "for the fairest" attached to it. A fight broke umong three of the goddess.Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite were the three which all claimed them the apple. When all of them went to Zeus for him to decide he decided not to and instead went to the boy Paris. Paris was the son of the king of the city of troye.when all decided to bribe him in the end he chose aphrodite because she promised him the most beautiful woman in the world. That was Helen. When Paris found he he took her back with her to troye (aka kidnapped) after they found out a war broke out as and as a result Hera and Athena swore they would end him.
The war went on for 9 years! Agamemnon kidnapped chryseis. Chryseis was the daughter of apollo's oracle at Delphi and as a result apolo brought down pestilence on the Greeks. Agamemnon would have to give her back so he he decided to take achillies' woman, briseis, to replace her. The two main who were fighting were troye Delphi. After the war broke out in troye the family decided to sail to get away. This was when the adventures of the odyssey would start.
The war went on from 1194 to 1184 BC.

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