Wrong Turn By Vida Henderson

We lived in the ocean. It was me, and my family, my parents, two brothers and, one sister my sister was not so nice. Summer was coming and our family always goes somewhere fun but this trip took a wrong turn. So right after me and my brothers an sister got home after school we got ready and we rised up to the clouds, we were evaporating.

Me rising

Then when we were in the cloud we got too fat and fell out in a lake "SPLASH" we came down.

"No I hate lakes, they're muddy," my sister complained." Sorry I don't always know where we're always going," mom said nicely.

So we had to spend two days in that lake. My sister was right for the first time. Lakes are muddy and I did want to go home.

My sister upset

Then finely sooner or later we evaporated to the clouds for the day we got to fat so we. Rained into a river and a moose drink us we had to stay in there all day. So then we became pee. "NOOOOO we are pee," my sister yelled not so happy.


Then after that detour we had gone into the ground then we had become groundwater storage we wasted one whole week of summer in the ground. "Mom do you know where we are going?" I said, not knowing. "No sorry, I don't always know where we go!" "Do you know why we go some where each summer," she happily smiling at me. "We go because it's fun and your sister gets mad" me and her laughed. "Stop talking about me," my sister with an ugly look on her face looked at us.

Me and mom taking

Then we got washed out of the ground and out we went we flowed to a river and after that we had evaporated to the clouds. "Mom I want to go home," I demanded my sister joined in with me. My two brothers said " NO were having to much fun," so after talking we eat dinner we then went to bed.

Getting ready for bed

I was mad that we couldn't go home then so after all that we fell and we were no more rain drops we were. Snowflakes we had fell on to a glacier luckily it was as soft as a pillow. "Think fast" my two brothers yelled we got hit with snow balls then we got even. Me and my sister were one team then my two brothers and our parents were in one team. We all had so much fun we stayed there for two weeks sooner or later we became runoff into a river to the ocean. We finally got home and I had the most funniest story to tell everyone when we got home.

Not a rain drop any more

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