Mary Wollstonecraft By: Abby Harris


Born- April 27 1759

Died- September 10th 1797

She lived in London her whole life. She lived with her husband William Godwin and her two children. She grew up watching her mother get beat by her father in drunken rages. Then as she grew up she became more and more involved in how women were treated.

Wollstonecraft ideas

Her idea was education for woman. She wanted women to become useful for themselves and not dependent on men. She spread this idea with a book she wrote called, A Vindication of the Rights of Women. She inspired women because she spoke from her heart, she connected with them. Some of the other things she has done to support her idea are, she got a full-time job as a professional writer, and she did things that women were not supposed to do. She did not dress fancy, and she drank wine from a teacup. These were things that were look down on if women did not do them in that time period, but she wanted to prove a point.

How her thought impacted traditional beliefs

She encouraged many other women to break away out of their husbands shadow and stand up for what they believed. This was not only going against traditional belief but the church's beliefs as well. She gave them a voice that they never had. She wanted women to get out of the shadow that they were put in and do what they think they should do. Women back then did what they were told and were never supposed to do anything that they were not told to do. But Mary Wollstonecraft was the first to stand up to this. She later became the "mother of feminism". There were activist groups in both North America and Europe.

How her ideas impacted women today

Her thoughts impacted the society because today woman are able to vote, have professional jobs, and have their own opinions. Although some men still think they have power over what they do, women are able to do what they want without being judged because it is normal. Wollstonecraft allowed women to see themselves from a different view and see how they are important. Now there are not just women activist groups in Europe and North America they are all over the world and growing rapidly. "Don’t get frustrated, get involved. Don’t complain, organize." A quote from Maryam Ali shows how they are taking Wollstonecraft idea into action, we see they problem and we are fixing it. Just recently there was a women's rights march for the rights of women and it truly showed how much this act has grown since Mary Wollstonecraft.


"I do not wish women power over men; but over themselves" ~ Mary Wollstonecraft

This quote means that she does not want women to have all the power, but she wants them to be able to do what they want without worrying. I found this quote interesting because because it is showing that she was not against men, all she wanted was to be equally important as they are. She wanted to be able to do what she wants without worrying who will judge her. To me this quote means that even when anyone thinks they have power over you to no that everyone is equal and that is what people fought over for years, to be treated equally weather it is women, African American, or any culture. Everyone has a purpose.

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