AMP! CAS Highlights

AMP!lifing the Arts is the official organization of the Arts and Entertainment Management Major. AMP! is an arts event planning organization. AMP! is also an official non-profit that partners with other organizations on and off-campus. They have many annual events including Java Jam and Handmade for the Holidays. This winter semester many AMP! events got streamed online due to our current situation.

The members favorite part of AMP! is how it brings all different types of art together. “Anyone can join AMP, I feel it is such a unique organization how it brings artists of all types and business together” says Kathryn McIntyre current AMP! President “My favorite memory has been when we were filming a video about AMP! for Ann Arbor Film Fest. Our board was laughing so much and we always got along so well even though we all come from different art backgrounds and some aren’t even artists!”

To learn more about AMP! check out there social media pages linked down below!