Case Study Alex Ehrich, Robert weisbach, patrick Pena-ariet, matt stadler, andJacquelin Lenis


+$160 million in sales over the course of three years

AutoZone’s always put customers first! We know our parts and products. We serve our customers in store, online, and at home. We've got the best merchandise at the right price.

Our Recommended Strategy: Auto-Aid


  • Heavily leveraged by debt
  • Cost of Project: $10 million
  • NPV: $7,088,800 in three years
  • Increase market share to almost 9%


-Brad's first problem

-Kevin from AutoZone

-Step by step assistance

-Impact of exceptional service


-Video chat within AutoZone's app

-Personal assistance from any location

-Professional suggestions and instructions

-Expanding AutoZone's ability to serve

Why this Strategy

-Shift of demand

-Strengths of core competencies

-Low cost of implementation

-Greatest overall outcome

Competitive Advantage

Employee development/customer service


Speed and reliability

Biblical Integration

Auto Aid is using personal interaction

God made humans to be social beings

Christians should make themselves more available

Psalm 96:3 NIV



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