D, Holst Art 1 portfolio

Learning the basic fundamentals and elements of art.

Learning to do the Principles of art...

Artist trading card, helped bring out my personal goals.

Skull gesture drawing, gesture drawing is when you make a continues line on you paper while only looking at the model.

Like the Skull this is a human gesture drawing.

Conture drawings are very important to enhancing 3d and sketches. This is a water can.

Our very first 3D shapes the spheres, we also learned how to shade.

Our very first 3D drawings using point of view and shading to give every cubic building form.

Alike the previous shapes in the drawings all of them were combined to make our mannequin models. Light point and shading was the most valuable technique used to shape the mannequin.

My self portrait took a Picasso mixed with pop art style to it and I used A monochromatic style of painting. It took three days to complete and more to create my marker board and idea for my sketch. I used blue and green to create a cool neon kind of look to my portrait. The twilight is there to make it seem I am staring of into the oncoming night.

Like my Graphic art this mask is relevant to my childhood dreams. The melting face is the fading part of the dreams and the other symbols represent, problem solving, strength and being fearless. The cat represents toughness, speed and versatility.

This Digital Graphic art was one of my more favorite projects to do throughout the semester. The reason it is called what it is, is because I used to always have dreams about a cool show that was shown to me on the water, but they disappeared a long time ago. This Graphic art brings back the childhood dreams. It is surreal and all the symbols represent strength, kindness, boldness and silliness. I choose a Salvador Dali style of surrealism, by distorting fish size and making them appear in the sky rather than water. Surrealism is a style of painting used in the 1920’s to represent dream like scenarios.

These are our paper hand puppets that our class got the privilege to make. We were lucky enough to have a master puppet maker Donovan come to help us design our penguins. They took about a week to make and they put on a show as penguin dancers in one home.

Over all this year has been a wonderful year of art. I really enjoyed this class. I learned how to properly do perspective drawings using point of view. How to make surreal art using distortion, juxtaposition, scale and many more techniques. Surrealism was also fun to find out about, the artists and paintings were fascinating to me, but my favorite artist has to be Salvador Dali. The most fun part of art this year to me was the paper hand puppets we created, it was so cool to learn the techniques and tricks Donovan taught us how to do. It was an honor to be able to work with him. I had a great time in art I did learn lots of new techniques from shading all the way to paper hand puppet crafting. I look forward to art II.

Starry Night- By Vincent Van Gogh made in 1889/Oil canvas painting, can be found at Museum of Modern art.

The reason this piece I love so much is the surrealistic feel to this painting. Its has a magical priceless look to it. It looks so chaotic, but it isn't it has beauty to it that can be explained. It seems so simple, but yet it is so complex. Van Gogh at the time thought it was a failure, but today it is one of the most iconic pieces of art known to man.

Normality is a paved road: It is comfortable to walk on, but flowers don't grow on it ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Created By
Dimitrius Holst


Created with images by ToolManTimTaylor - "pencil" • Christopher S. Penn - "Van Gogh's Starry Night"

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