Town of Chase My local government

The one main issue that I choose was about the Town Chase voting on buying a new fire truck for Pulaski. My local government decided the issue by taking a vote. The result came out that we were the only municipality to vote no. I do agree with the result beacuse the Pulaski fire department has a lot of fire trucks. So I don't think they need a new one. I also liked the way my local government handled the issue, witch was by giving the vote to I the people. I don't think they should of changed anything they did either.

Town Hall 848) county Rd. S Pulaski WI

1st issue: was about the cost of renting the Chase Stone Barn out. It was decided that the 3 day rental would be 1,000$ and the 1 day would be 500$. 2nd issue: was deciding whitch contractor they would hire to put up the parking lot lights, for the Stone Barn. It was decided to go with Nickel Electric for the contract. 3rd issue: was deciding if the town wanted to barrow more 200,000$ for the Chase Stone Barn pavilion. They voted and decided that the town would not barrow more than 200,000$. 4th issue: was the fire truck issue which was talked about above. Final issue: was the purchase of an additional 1,000$ worth of chairs and tables for Chase Stone Barn. It was decided to buy the extra table and chairs.

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