Has evolution happened to humans? By Joel Varghese

Has evaluation happened to humans? Well if you think of it like you having to learn a way to build something or when you buy a new phone and you have to learn how to use it then yes, but if you think of it in change in the way the body looks than no.

Although the brain is evolving scientists are thinking that we might of evolved out of some apes. Their observation might probably true, well if you think of it apes have the same hands and the same way of thinking like human. But their are some differences the apes have lots of fur they have hands on their feet.

Apes are huge strong animal that is all most compared to the monkey. Apes might be the one who might of evolved the apes have the same thinking like us how they use their brain the same way of us like each species thinks a different way so do we do each and every person thinks in a different way.

Apes formed into humans probley because their habitat is changing and probably the apes were once all over the world but when the world started to change the cold or too hot that they might've evolved into humans because the has changed and the apes can't survive in all of the climates so they evolved into humans. They created a new group and they stared a new generation of life.

The End

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