Book Thief Themes Isabelle gamard

Theme 1: One can be courageous and cowardly at the same time

Courage is the fear of being thought a coward ~ Horace Smith ~

"Smoke lifted from the cover as she juggled it and hurried away. Her head was pulled down, and the sick beauty of nerves proved more ghastly with each stride" (Zusak 120).

This was a scene after the burning of the books and Liesel spots a book behind the smoke with the rest of the burnt items. As she goes to steal the book she feels nervous and scared but continues to move on no matter what she is feeling. This shows that Liesel is brave enough to go and steal the book, ignoring the fact of how much danger she could be in.

I decided to analyze a song called "Coward" by Troy. After listening and reading through the lyrics, the song means how a man wants a girl but he's too afraid. It seems he just watches from afar and he's calling himself a coward because he's not going to do anything about. But deep down inside he knows that he should step up and confess. "Now it's time for me to shed some light. Out of the shadows, I'll fight fight. I can longer live a lie." This section in the song really stood out to me. He's saying that he's just gotta stop all this silly act and push through. Throughout the song he's saying how if he should just fade away but really he isn't going to run away. Therefore this song shows an example on how one can be courageous and cowardly at the same time.

Theme 2: The power of words can impact yourself or someone

Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose Yours well ~ Robin Sharma

"Liesel opened one of her books and began to read. The book on top was The Whistler and she spoke it aloud to help her concentrate... By page three, everyone was silent but Liesel. For at least twenty minutes, she handed out , the story. The youngest kids were soothed by her voice, and everyone else saw the visions of the whistler running from the crime scene" (Zusak 380-381).

During the air raid, everyone is going into shelter and panicking. Children are crying and people are just shoving and pushing. Liesel however decides to remain calm by reading a book out loud to her self. Soon enough people start to quiet down and listens to Liesel. As she reads through the books the people start to forget whats going on outside and just focuses on her voice. Children finds it soothing and everyone else is imagining the book in their head. This shows how the power of words can impact someone or even a large group of people.

Benjamin Zander retold a heartbreaking story about a girl who is an Auschwitz survivor and her brother. In this short highlight video, it tells about a girl who got onto a train with her brother to Auschwitz. While on the train ride, she realizes her brothers shoes were missing. She then proceeded to tell him how stupid he was and such just because he lost his shoes. But, those were the last words she said to him before he passed away. Obviously she is heartbroken because she didn't say anything nice or words of admiration before her brother passed away. Therefore after she escaped the camp, she vowed to herself that "I will never say anything that could stand as the last thing I ever say." This shows that how words can affect yourself and make you change as a person.

Theme 3: Money can buy Happiness

The only way money can buy happiness is if you spend it on the people you love

"It appeared that there was a great joy in cigarettes, and it was a happy time in the Hubermann household" (Zusak 90).

During this section of the book, it appears that Hans has exchanged his cigarettes for books for Leisel and eggs for Rosa. I thought of how Hans cigarettes represented as money. He sold his cigarettes, which he loved, in exchange to make his loved ones happy. By buying Liesel 2 books, she was very happy which made him happy. By buying eggs for Rosa made her more satisfied but happy, which made him happy. This fits well with the them as well as the quote that "the only way money can buy happiness is if you spend it on the people you love."

In this article it talked about many ways/varieties on how money can buy us happiness. Not just spending money for yourself, but for experiences, other people, and milestone purchases. I enjoyed how the article how there is more than one way that money can buy you happiness. For example, Buy experiences, not things. When you purchase a class of a hobby that you enjoy, then that can make you happy for a longer period of time instead of just buying a new laptop. According to the article, part of the reason is because of the anticipation. You're more excited to go skiing or take an art class instead of waiting for purchased goods.

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