Mavuno Brand identity guiDe

Mavuno's Brand

Our brand identity visually depicts our values, mission and vision while summing up who we are as an organization. Keeping this message consistent, and proudly displaying it on everything we produce will help our brand's impact on those who come in to contact with it. We hope our brand is represented as friendly, classy, approachable, young, globally-minded, influential, thoughtful, and professional all at once. Maintaining a consistent identity will help us promote ourselves in this way.

Mission Statement

To empower local leaders, support market innovation and collaboratively alleviate poverty in Eastern Congo.

Vision Statement

A nation of vibrant and flourishing communities that create capacity for dynamic development from within.

Mavuno's Elements

The Logo

The main icon of the logo combines natural elements with the "M" of Mavuno. This is a strong, recognizable icon that will one day be able to stand alone as the representation of our brand. However, for now it should be displayed along with the Mavuno logotype.

The Tagline

Grassroots Development for Congo


The only variations of our logo we use are to display the logo in different orientations. This includes horizontal placement with the logo type next to the icon (as pictured above), or stacking the logo type below the icon. We also display these variants with or without the tagline.

Horizontal placement with the tagline
Stacked logo type with icon
Stacked logo type with icon and tagline

Our Fonts

Our preferred heading typeface is Railway, a free Google font, however, when that is unavailable, Helvetica should be used as a substitute.

In body copy we use Open Sans, however similar Sans font may be used.

Our Colors

These, intentionally eye catching, colors should be used across all platforms exactly, these colors will help cement our brand identity into our viewers' minds.


  • #f47d31
  • R-244, G-125, B-49
  • C-0, M-49, Y-80, K-4
  • Pantone Solid Coated 158 C
  • Pantone Solid Uncoated 152 U


  • #6eb43f
  • R-110, G-180, B-63
  • C-39, M-0, Y-65, B-63
  • Pantone Solid Coated 360 C
  • Pantone Solid Uncoated 368 U


  • #f4ec09
  • R-244, G-236, B-9
  • C-0, M-3, Y-96, K-4
  • Pantone Solid Coated 395 C
  • Pantone Solid Uncoated 395 U


  • #7d6a55
  • R-125, G-106, B-85
  • C-0, M-15, Y-32, K-51
  • Pantone Solid Coated 7531 C
  • Pantone Solid Uncoated 462 U

Our Photography

We hope to use photography in a unique way. We want to showcase the beauty and strength of those in our communities. These images should not be sad, they should uplift and display the positives of those involved with our organization.

We also want to emphasize the bright colors and interesting textures found in the Congo. This can be done through images of nature, gardens, or fabric. These bold colors are just one way we will display the positive message behind our brand.

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