Ghana By: caden hayek


Ghana is located in the Eastern and Western hemisphere, on the continent of Africa

Ghana is bordered by Togo, Burkina Faso, and Cote D'ivoire. Ghana is also bordered by one body of water witch is the Atlantic ocean.

Ghana's capital is Accra and the coordinates are 5°N and 1°W latitude and longitude.


Ghana has many physical features including:

lake volta has the biggest reservoir on surface area and is the fourth largest on the planet by volume.

Volta river has 3 main tributaries the black volta, white volta, and the red volta.

Ghana is primarily in the temperate zone. Places in the temperate zone have four seasons troughout the year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.


Ghana has 27 million people it is a medium country. Ghana is 48th populated country in the world. Ghana has a medium population but there population density is 78 people per sq mile witch is pretty small. There growth rate is growing fast, it's 2.1 percent. Thes eare the five largest cities in Ghana.


Accra population is 1,963,264


Kumasi population is 1,468,609


Tamale population is 360,579


Takoradi population is 232,919


Ashiaman population is 202,932

Ghana is a urban country

More people are entering because they used to be a low population then the population kept growing and so more people are entering.


Ghana is a developing country because there GDP per capita is 1,858.24 witch isn't that much. There life expectancy is 62.4 witch isn't bad but is to young so more people will die witch means they have less people to build things. There literacy rate is 76,6 percent witch isn't that much and its not 100 percent so its not that good.


Ghana's main languages spoken is Asante, Dangme, Dagaba, and Ewe. The main religions is christian, muslim, and traditionalist.

football is the most popular sport in ghana
soccer is the second most popular sport in ghana



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