Siesta 2021 By: Rita Leuck

Siesta is the Friday of Mission Week. A time when Mercy girls donate money to the mission of that year. This year the money goes to supporting tea workers in other countries. This day is when Mercy girls can donate by buying raffles tickets, dodgeball games, food, or carnival games.

Raffles- held in the media center!

This year there were so many good raffles, from Raising Cane's basket to a Humble Lily gift card. The Humble Lily was won by Mrs. Wessling. A Creighton t-shirt was won by Hannah Harbul and Claire Witchita. A Scooters gift card was won by Meredith Engel. These are only some of the raffles, as there were at least 20-25 raffles to compete for!

Girls waiting in line for their tickets and writing their names on the tickets, hoping to win a prize!

This year there were some big donations to the raffles. A T.V. was donated and won by Jessica Gonzalez. A Keurig mini was also donated and won by Jasmine Franklin. A Polaroid Instanx won by Felica Plasech and Apple Airpods were won by Lauren Maass. An Amazon Fire Stick won by Carlee Lee and a Dooney and Bourke Purse won by Mrs. Mergens. There were so many prizes but these were the big prizes that took 2 dollars for a ticket.

The Carnival Games were all in the gym or cafeteria!
The ring toss!

The ring toss carnival game went over the best. To play you had to pay a dollar for three rings. This was held in the Cafeteria and gym. The girls were really raking in the liters of pop on this one!

The ballon pop and the sucker guesser!

Girls paid a dollar to try and pop ballon to get a prize of candy. On the sucker guesser a player would pay a dollar and then pick a sucker. At the bottom of the suckers there were dots of color and that would determine the prize a contestant would get! The ballon pop went over very well with a line of 20 girls at times.

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