Nikola Tesla A great inventor and renaissance man

One of the most least known inventors of the Gilded age, Nikola Tesla, invented the first alternating current motor, part of the radio, and a remote control vehicle. He didn't start out as a great inventor though. Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in modern day Smiljan Croatia. He would memorize whole books, complicated math problems, and generally obsess over many things. When he was in college, he studied math, physics, and electrical engineering. After dropping out of college after a nervous breakdown, he traveled to Paris to work as a direct-current power plant repair man. Later, in 1884, he moved to America to work for Thomas Edison. Overall, Tesla had a very interesting childhood.

Top right: Tesla's AC motor. Bottom right: Tesla coil. Left: Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla faced many challenges in his days. This great inventor had OCD and would occasionally have mental breakdowns. Nikola Tesla also had a radio project he was working on, the Wardenclyffd tower, which he ran out of money for before it was completed. Even though his life had many problems, Nikola Tesla still persevered.

Specifications for a Tesla coil

Even though Nikola Tesla had many challenges in his life, he achieved many great things. He built an AC, Alternating-current, induction motor. The AC induction motor was more efficient than the standard motors at the time. Also, Nikola Tesla made the Tesla coil, a power supply and transmission device. To continue, he also helped build the first hydroelectric power plant on Niagara Falls. To sum up, Nikola Tesla had over 700 patents, invented accomplished some amazing feats of science and engineering, and was an overall awe inspiring inventor.

Nikola Tesla invented and patented many things:

  • Parts of the radio
  • His famous Tesla coil
  • A power plant on Niagra falls
  • A better motor

Did you know?: When Tesla worked for Thomas Edison, Edison said he would give Nikola Tesla 50,000 dollars if he could improve upon the old direct current power plants. When he did, Edison said "When you become a full fledged American, you will get an American joke."

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