Cartoon Animators (Or rEffered as "Multimedia Artists and Animators")


What these neato mc reato people is they make cartoons! (Or if your a weirdo, your going to make stuff for video games)

YOUR GOING TO BE DRAWING A LOT! (But you'l make it move)


Your going to need a bachelors degree, technology for drawing and animating, AND A GOOD OL' ATTITUDE!!! There are many schools that will acceptcha' into their system for animation.


WELP YOU GOT TO BE ACCEPTING THAT YOU SUCK AT DRAWING! Like seriously , we all suck at it. AND YOU GOT TO NOT GIVE UP! FINISH THE DARN ANIMATION! DON'T GET BORED OF DOING IT! Honestly you also don't really have to be the best artist out there, cartoons are cartoons... not hipster art.


Well if you want to really thrive at what your doing, you need to be familiar with an art style. It must also be unique, don't steal the cheese from another sandwich. If your about my age (age= Florida... AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!) then I would recommend starting a scetch book to start doodling in it. When you get your job in place, use that doodle book for referencebs!



If your good at what you do, and people like your darn-... "work" (HEHEH) you'll be Making around 64k$. If you just kinda like half Chicago it, your not going to get much. Sorry bud.

YAYS AND BOOS! (Advantages and disadvantages)

So like, it's a fun job... but like.... IT TAKES UP ALL YOUR TIME! How ever, who wouldn't want to draw for a living! And sometimes people may turn into jerks when watching your work... but they never tried it before so they can't say anything! You will be extremely satisfied and proud of yourself once you have finished a project. GOOOOOD FOR YOU!

NOW FOR SOME QUESTIONS!!!! (cause I know y'all really care... HEHEH)

  • INTERVIEWER: So why did you choose this career areas.
  • ME: well ya see., I LOVE DRAWING!!! And I want to make people smile when they see my work on the television!
  • INTERVIEWER: why do you think you'd be good for this job?
  • ME: Well I hate to brag but (no I love to brag) but I feel like I would be able to make my viewers smile or laugh
  • INTERVIEWER: what attracts you most to this career?
  • ME: HAH! What kind of question is that? I LOVE TO DRAW! And it is litterly a job where you get paid to draw!
  • INTERVIEWER: What are your concerns about this career
  • ME: well... that it will take time away from me and my loved ones... NEXT QUESTION!
  • iNTERVIEWER: what would be the best strategy for making this career happen.
  • ME: IF I TELL YA, I HAVE TO KILL YA!..... HAH, just kidding! Well, I'll be starting small webcomics. and hopefully one day nickalodian or some one will see my work. Then they could hire me!
  • INTERVIEWER: LAST QUESTION, Why is your nose so big


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