Tattoos on the Heart Interpreted by Jackson Mullin

Preface and Introduction: This beginning to the book was to give a background of how the Dolores Mission came to be and why this book was made. In the preface, Greg states that this is not a "How to deal with gangs" book, but rather the themes from these stories are things that really matter to him. The main theme of the introduction was giving a background on the Dolores mission Church. My favorite story was the story of Ramiro. He was a gang member that had just got out of jail, and had "F the World" tattooed on his forehead. I like this story because it is the main reason that the tattoo removal started, and Greg used humor in the story. '"I'm only imagining him at McDonald's: do you want fries with that?'"

The dolores mission Church was the main topic of the introduction

Chapter 3 Compassion: this chapter was mainly based off of showing compassion for others, which is why it is titled the way it is. It showed how even in tough times of suffering, we must still try to push through and see the good in things. My favorite story was the one about Betito. One day when he was 12, he asked Greg for some money so he could go to the movies with his girl. When Father G asked how old this girl was, Betito told G that she was 16! The sad part of this story was hearing about how he got shot, and died in the hospital. However, I like how Father ended it with the last line: "He was the real deal." This showed how much Father G and others cared for him

Father G with some homeboys and homegirls

Chapter 5 Slow work: This chapter mainly consisted of people's lives who changed, slowly but surely, for the better. It showed how even if you start in bad situation, you can keep working to succeed. You must trust in what God has planned for you. My favorite story from this chapter was about Grumpy. Grumpy was in Camp Munz, and when Father G handed him his card and told him they could remove his tattoos, Grumpy said why would he get them if he's just going to take them off. Five months later, the pair met at a Lakers game. Grumpy said that he wanted to get his tattoos removed because he got out tomorrow. I liked this story because it had a good sense of humor and it showed Grumpy slowly warming up to the idea of getting his tattoos removed so that he could get a job easier.

The main theme of Chapter 5: Slow Work

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