Revising, Submitting, Testing & Looking Forward JUNE 2021

June Happenings:

Our development team and architecture firm spent June completing revisions on CJ building parking garage drawings and submitting them to the City of Ocoee. Several tests were administered on the infrastructure, and surveys were completed and submitted. Precast and steel details were worked on for both AB & CJ parking structures. Elevator drawings were submitted and approved. Fence repairs began, and property maintenance continued. Our Developer, Chief Engineer/Construction Officer, and our Chief Operations Officer continued to work on the next creative finance opportunity for City Center West Orange.

AB Garage Drawings

The approved AB garage drawings were hung on the construction trailer walls ready for the next phase of construction. The image below shows the zones that will be completed with the crane up four levels.

Approved AB Building Parking Garage Construction Plan

CJ Parking Garage Drawings

Initial permit drawings were sent to the City on January 11, 2021. The revisions for the submitted CJ Garage permit plans were re-submitted to the City of Ocoee on June 14, 2021. This revision addressed the value engineering incorporated into the documents as well the building department review comments. We are now awaiting permit approval on these revisions by the City of Ocoee.

Surveys & Manholes

To complete the infrastructure, as-built surveys were conducted for underground and overground. Manhole repairs were completed; sewer lines were cleaned; water samples were taken. This information was included on a Department of Environmental Protection (D.E.P.) application and submitted on June 18, 2021 to the City of Ocoee for signatures. Once the City signs off on the D.E.P. application, CCWO will sign applications and the D.E.P. application will be sent to the D.E.P. for approval. This will close the infrastructure portion of the project except for anything needed to be done during the parking garage construction phase.

Manhole repairs and sewer line cleaning were conducted for the entire construction site over several days

Property Maintenance

The property maintenance crew completed the mowing of the retention pond, sales center, parcels off Maine Street, and began to tend to the growth on the construction site. Herbicide was sprayed for a second time on the construction site, but the rainy season definitely started in June, and we've been fighting the rain the entire month.

(Top, Left Center) Property Maintenance crews began tending to the growth on the construction site and foundations. This included spraying herbicide on the construction site. (Right Center) Maine Street parcels were mowed as well as the retention pond (Bottom)

General Contractor

Our General Contractor has been busy working on precast wall drawings for CJ Garage and completing the AB garage precast design and shop drawings. They will be submitting one final set for verification prior to making precast piece details. An engineered precast system is comprised of two of the strongest building materials, concrete and steel, and is engineered to withstand hurricane force winds. RANDALL Engineered Precast Systems has a faster speed-to-market than traditional masonry methods. These are the reasons our design team chose this method for building the City Center West Orange buildings.

Our GC received approvals on the AB garage elevator drawings by Kone. The Kone elevator drawings for the CJ garage were submitted and are awaiting approval. The GC made the first submission of structural steel for CJ garage stair tower #3 (structural steel by Steel Fab) and revisions are underway.

The GC attended several meetings with our architect and design team relating to the revisions for CJ parking garage drawings and the sub-contractor for the fence repairs throughout the month.

This photo depicts an engineered precast system wall built by Randall Engineered Precast Systems (this is a representation of what City Center West Orange buildings will be made of).

Fence repairs

Our subcontractor began fence repairs on June 15, 2021, completing the entire south portion of the fence line behind Racetrack and just south of Oasis Apartments. The repairs to the damaged 400' of fence are still being worked on. The initial attempt was not approved by our team and options have been provided to our team for approval. Fence wrap will be reinstalled on the repaired portion of the fence.

Fence repair at the damaged fence portion

Creative Financing Opportunity

Our Developer, Chief Engineer/Construction Officer, and our Chief Operations Officer have been diligently working for the past several months on our next creative financing opportunity. What is creative financing? In real estate, creative financing is non-traditional or uncommon means of financing property; in our case, a project. The goal of creative financing is to purchase or finance with the developer using as little of his own money as possible. For the developer, this leverage is used to increase the projects profit capabilities and creates more equity in the project.

We hope to have some good news for you soon!


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