Welcome to Greenview Appliance Repair Same-Day Appliance Repairs and Servicing in Seattle!

Have an appliance problem? Greenstate has the solution. Don't assume it's time to throw down big bucks for a replacement if an appliance is on the fritz. We're licensed, experienced and waiting for your call. We service major brands like Samsung, LG, GE, Bosch, KitchenAid, Monogram, Sub-Zero, Miele, Maytag, Frigidaire, Electrolux and more! Ask about our extended service warranty!

Washing Machine Repair

If your machine is making noises, leaking or simply refusing to turn on, Greenview Appliance Repair can troubleshoot to determine the cause. We're able to quickly diagnose and fix washers due to our expertise and familiarity with nearly all brands.

Refrigerator Repair

Don't let your fridge or freezer not cooling, not running or over-freezing spoil your grocery bill! Avoid the hassle of lugging away your old fridge for a pricey replacement. If something is amiss with your fridge, we'll check components like your thermostat, compressor, evaporator and more!

Range & Oven Electrical Repair

We can take a look at all of the electronic, mechanical and digital components of your range or oven to figure out why you're not getting the heat or performance you need. In addition to repairs and installation of microwaves, we can also service your vent hood, range hood and downdraft hood.

TV Repair

Greenview knows smart TVs, LCDs, OLEDs, MicroLEDs, Plasmas, HDRs, HDs and more from every major TV brand. If your TV is not responding, we'll figure out which component is causing the problem.

Dishwasher Repair

You could be facing a telltale sign of a backup, clog or broken part if your dishwasher is not draining, not running, not starting or not responding. We'll inspect your dishwasher and garbage disposal to track down the issue. Don't risk potential leaks and floods that could damage your kitchen by ignoring the problem!

Other Appliance Repair

Greenview Appliance Repair has the expertise to offer insights on any appliance in your home that is acting up. No problem is too simple or complex for our team of licensed, trained professionals with backgrounds and manufacturer-level training focused on a wide variety of household appliances.

For nine years, Greenview Appliance Repair has been solving appliance problems for our customers throughout the Seattle area. We offer clear estimates, prompt service and exceptional skill. We're able to work with speed and precision due to our extensive training and experience with high-tech components!

How Can Greenview Appliance Repair Answer Your Questions Today? Browse Our FAQs for a Quick Answer!

How Much Do Appliance Repair Services Cost?

Our service charges are based on two factors. First, services are priced based on the amount of technical expertise required to complete the job. Second, we bill based on the cost of replacement parts needed. You have our guarantee that we will never charge above the industry standard for any job we complete. While some costs are out of our control due to manufacturer pricing for certain replacement parts, we do our best to help our customers keep appliance repair a cost-effective option.

How Do I Get My Appliance Repaired By Your Company?

Greenview Appliance Repair uses a standardized process to ensure that our customers have a seamless, stress-free experience. It begins when you reach out to us to schedule your appointment. Next, one of our techs will show up ready to help at the time of your appointment. We will then conduct diagnostic tests on your broken or damaged unit before providing an estimate. Once pricing and work have been agreed on, we will begin the next step of restoring your appliance. This can either mean fixing the issue on the spot or beginning the process by ordering any necessary replacement parts.

What Training Do Your Techs Have?

Greenview Appliance Repair techs are continually undergoing new training to provide the best, most helpful services in the area! In addition to HVAC courses, we've also completed Samsung manufacturer courses to be better equipped to fix a wide variety of appliances and units. We also have EPA universal licenses.

What Types Of Customers Has Your Repair Company Worked With?

Greenview Appliance Repair is a repair company for all! We're happy to work with everything from small kitchen appliances to major appliances. We also follow the policy of encouraging our future customers to seek a second opinion when getting repair quotes because we're confident that we offer the best service from the most qualified techs at the best price.

How Can I Find A Good Appliance Repair Company In Seattle?

At Greenview Appliance Repair, we give customers a few recommendations for finding repair providers in the area. First, glance at the services offered to discover if a particular company offers the specific repair you're looking for. You should also take a look at any work guarantees or service warranties that a company is willing to offer. Lastly, take a look at how transparent a company is regarding its pricing policies.

What Should I Know Before Seeking Professional Appliance Repair?

It's important to understand that an appliance technician can't always bring a "dead" appliance back to life. In some cases, an appliance won't work after a repair because the wear and tear or damage was too severe. The best way to figure out if it's a cost-effective decision to have an appliance repaired is to have a qualified, trustworthy company take a look at the unit.

We Are Your Professional Appliance Team Here To Help!

Do you need an appliance repair quickly? Contact us today to set up a same-day appointment. We offer flexible scheduling that is convenient for your schedule. You can rest assured that the job will be completed right. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all repairs.


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