Jerico's Guided Reading Mrs YounG-Green

Building Big Dreams


I predict that the Building Big Dreams is a non-fiction text, and that it is an informative text.

Energy Sources


I predict This is an informAtional Text and the main purpose of tHis is to give INFORMATION to the reader, i predict This because there is a Glossary, an index and graphs of the usage On fuel/power.

Language Questions

There are a lot of different topics for energy scources, here are some names hydroelectric, fossil fuel and solar energy. There has been a few bar graphs in the book about the U.S and other countries, here is an example in the book.

Fun fact: Did you know, when marines die they fall to the bottom of the sea and then layers will start to develop on top of it and eventually there will be fossil fuel?


In the first paragraph of the Nuclear Power I used the focus reading strategy, also a couple times in the 19th page.

I also use a strategy of my own, if I don't understand a word or parts of a sentence I re-read the sentence and predict what it means, in the 19th page CONS.

Early birds

This book is a non-fiction and the main purpose of this text is to inform the reader about the early birds that lived millions of years ago.

I believe this is a non-fiction because it has a glossary, real pictures of fossils and dinosaurs with dinosaur names and a glossary.

I need to know about the dinosaurs and understand the dinosaurs actions and what it needs to survive.


Radioisotope-a radioactive isotope, usually artificially produced: used in physical and biological research.

Isotope is a chemical element of an atom Language Questions

Language Questions

Did you know scientists believe the birds that live today survived a dramatic event change on the planet by a meteor. It believes that the meteor made the change that made dinosaurs not be able to adapt to the new change.

This book is about the birds that lived at the same time with the dinosaurs, it gives names of some of the early birds and what they look live, it also more gives more information than I said.


I did not use this week's focus reading strategy because I used the strategy below and mostly just read the book.

I used a strategy that uses this things, is that real, did that really happen and when did it happen.

Personal Response

While I was reading the text I thought of slowing down my reading so I have a clearer voice to read with.

After reading the text I was saying this in my head, "finally it is done!"

I learnt more about dinosaurs and some names of the early birds


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