Blade The armor wizard


Blade was a wizard able to change armor to control different elements. He was undefeated for 10 years and belonged to the fairy tail guide. But one day when he was walking in the city he sensed a magical presence and two seconds later was hit in the face by acid. he had to stay in the hospital for weeks to recover from his injuries. One of his eye has too damaged so he had to replace it with a magic one.

Fairy tail symbole

When he finally came out he decided to find the wizard that had attacked him. So he looked for some info about acid magic users and found out that a very powerful mage that could control acid lived in the dragon mountains. So he went to find this acid wizard. Once arrived the wizard was waiting for him.

Acid wizard

They started to fight, Blade had no armor for acid so he had a disadvantage. They faute for hours non stop. The blade had a idea to beat the other wizard. So he emptied all his magic to absorb the enemies and received an acid armor he was able to take advantage over the other wizard and kill him there and for ever.

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