Tigers All about tigers

A mammal is a invertebrate that means that they have a backbone. Mammals are warm blooded animals. Mammals give birth to live babies. Some babies are called cubs. A tiger is a mammal. They are often called the king of the jungle.


Tigers are dangerous animals .They might look like cute pets,but when they are hungry they kill. They are very aggressive. Tigers are distinguished because of their beauty. Tigers look like beautiful animals. Their body helps them run.


Tigers live in many places like India, Africa, China, Russia and Brazil. Some tiger live in cold places. Tigers habitat has been destroyed by men. Men build farms in the tigers habitat. Tigers have to find more habitats


Tigers eat lots of food. Tigers are carnivores. Tigers hunt for a lot of food. Tigers first bite of the animal then it dies.

Interesting facts

Tigers are at the top of the food chain. There are no match for tigers. Tigers can come out many sizes. Tigers can jump 6 meters and 34 ft. Tigers are clever animals.


I think tigers are amazing animals. They are my favorite animals. I think tigers are awesome because they are fast and their legs are strong.


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